Can’t Finish From The Front Headlock Position?
Picture this, you get to the front headlock position, you attempt a quick guillotine knowing from the very start it won’t get you anywhere, your opponent twitches, and you instantly transition to another “more dominant” position like mount, the back, or side control. Was that really the best decision?

The submission won’t find itself.
Securing the front headlock position and not being sure what to do with it is like giving an actual caveman an iPhone and expecting him to enroll in this course… it’s very unlikely he’ll find the first lesson, the same way it can be very unlikely you’ll submit your opponent if you keep transitioning from position to position.

Learn To Hunt.
Sloan is an expert in making life miserable for his opponents by hunting the submission from the front headlock (as seen in his latest bouts at F2W) and he’s here to teach you how you can make life miserable for your opponents too. Learn the fundamentals of the front headlock, the caveman necktie, and everything else in between.

Target Audience
No-Gi enthusiasts
For those who have trouble locking in submissions
For those who struggle to finish submissions
For those who let their opponent escape dominant positions

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Format file 15x MP4 UHD 2160p
duration 0 hour 30 minutes
Release December 2021

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The Caveman Headlock Series by Sloan Clymer

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