Deconstruct The Guard With Black Belt Technical Savant Mikey Musumeci’s Guide On How To Pass BJJ’s Most Troublesome Open Guards With Effective Understanding Of The Frames & How To Beat Them

Attack the guard with precise techniques built to succeed against the frames and angles of that particular position - with Mikey’s deep understanding of each exchange
Mikey Musumeci is one of the greatest grapplers of his generation, with wins in the black belt world finals using these same techniques!
Mikey explains how to use inside position & counter-pummeling to beat spider guard, lasso guard, collar sleeve guard, and much more
Explore multiple variations of passing that Mikey explains with step-by-step analysis, including some of grappling’s most high percentage passes
Let one of BJJ’s most accomplished guard players explain to you how to totally shut down the effective open guard and use frames from top for maximum effect
Master these gripping concepts with Mikey’s advice on how to pass your way through to advantageous positions, including half guard and knee shield attacks

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Release August 2022

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Foundations of Passing: Neutralizing The Guard By Mikey Musumeci

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