Cutting Edge Leglocks The Changing Leglock Meta by Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki

Here is a quick overview of what you can find in each volume of Cutting Edge Leglocks. This instructional contains over 10 hours of organised, no-filler content with techniques, strategies, counters, recounters and drilling footage.

Volume 1, Cutting Edge Leglock Concepts and Strategies

Vol 1 Cutting Edge Leglock Concepts

Volume 1 of Cutting Edge Leglocks gives you a high-level breakdown of the concepts and strategies used by today’s highest-level leglockers.  Understanding these ideas will help keep you current and provide a strong context for the subsequent instructional material.

The Changing Leglock Meta – Base, Posture, Structure, Frames, Levers & Wedges – Critical Concepts for Maximizing Your Breaking Mechanics – Primary & Secondary Submission Theory – The 3 Ingredients of Any Good Leglock – The Classical Flow vs the Reverse Flow – Break or Take Back or Pass or Sweep – Lever Control to Get on Top and Prevent Backtakes – The Rise of Secondary Leg Attacks – Understanding and Winning Shootouts

Volume 2, The 411 / Saddle / Cross Ashi

Vol 2 The Updated 411 Position

The 411 position is one of the most powerful ways to attack the legs because it controls your opponent while giving you access to the inside heel hook. Now you can learn how to make this position even more powerful with improved methods of applying the heel hook, countering his escape attempts, and entries that he won’t see coming and will find incredibly difficult to stop!

Updating the Classics Leglock Positions Overview – The Updated 411 Position – Improved Heel Hook Breaking Mechanics from 411 – The Top 411 Variation – The Stomp 411 Variation – The 45 and the 54 Variations – Countering the Main 411 Escape 1 Rolling to Dig – Countering the Main 411 Escape 2 Inverting to Backside 50/50 – Countering the Main 411 Escape 3 Connecting to the Hip –  Craig Jones Finish – Three Counters vs the Outward Knee Slip – Countering the Bolo from the Outward Knee Slip – Reverse X Guard to 411 – Top Backstep Entry to 411 – 411 Spinning Entry from Standard or Outside Ashi – 411 Inverted Entry vs SLX Backstep – 411 Leg Tracing Entry vs SLX Backstep – A Safe 411 Inversion Entry from Butterfly Guard – 411 Posted Leg Spin Entry From Bottom Half Guard – 411 Backstep Entry from Bottom Half Guard

Volume 3, Outside Ashi, Standard Ashi and Butterfly Ashi

Vol 4 Standard and Butterfly Ashi

In Volume 3, you’re going to get detailed breakdowns of three related positions: the outside ashi, the standard ashi, and the butterfly ashi.  You’ll learn new control mechanisms and new submissions that are consistently taking gold in high-level no gi competition.

The Updated Outside Ashi Position – Applications and Limitations Hip Frame Outside Ashi – Reap to Heel Exposure to Outside Ashi – The Updated Standard Ashi and Butterfly Ashi Positions – Butterfly Ankle Lock – Two Aoki Lock Attacks – Countering Standard Ashi with the Aoki Lock – Aoki Lock Defense

Volume 4, Inside Ashi, Double Lever Control and The Z Lock

Vol 5 Inside Ashi and the Z Lock

The Z lock is a potent control and finishing mechanism, and when you combine it with all the related attacks you will learn in this section, you’ll make your opponent’s life a living hell.  You’ll also learn exactly what to do to get into this position and how to shut down your opponent’s attempts to escape. This is essential knowledge for the modern leglocker!

The Updated Reap Position and Z Lock Intro – The Heel Hook from the Reap – Controlling the Secondary Leg – The Z Lock from Double Leg Control – The Side Kneebar from Double Leg Control – The Belly Down Ankle Lock from Double Leg Control – The Secondary Leg Ankle Lock from Double Leg Control – The Secondary Leg Aoki Lock from Double Leg Control – Toe Hold Options from Double Leg Control – Double Leg Control to 411 Transition – Calf Slicer from the Reap vs Knee Slip – Leg Drag from the Reap vs Knee Slip – Double Leg Control Entry from Double Seated Guard – Double Leg Control Entry from Standing Pass – Double Leg Control Entry from Taint Sweep – Double Leg Control Entry from Bottom SLX Guard

Volume 5, The False Reap

Vol 6 False Reap

The false reap is an innovative control and attack scheme developed in the last five years and is now regularly seen on the competition circuit.  In this section, you’ll learn the hidden details the pros use to enter into this position, off-balance their opponents, and finish the match with devastating submissions.

Introduction to the False Reap – The False Reap Control Schemes – False Reap Off-Balancing Mechanisms – The Inversion in the False Reap – Finishing the Heel Hook from the False Reap – Leg Bind Sweep when Opponent Defends False Reap – Finishing When He Defends the Leg Bind Sweep – Kiss of the Dragon vs Opponent Dropping Weight Backwards – False Reap Entry from Reverse de la Riva Guard – False Reap Entry vs Knee Cut Guard Pass – The Quasi False Reap

Volume 6, 50/50 Concepts and Strategies

Vol 7 50-50 Concepts

The 50/50 is one of the positions that has changed the MOST, and no serious grappler can afford to be ignorant of these changes.  In Volume 6 of Cutting Edge Leglocks, you’ll get the high-level strategies that have transformed the 50/50 and will give you an enormous amount of confidence doing battle in the leglock arena.

The Updated 50/50 Position – Concepts to Win the 50/50 Battle – Double Seated 50/50 Overview – Basic Double Seated Positioning – Heel and Toe Slipping for Heel Hook Defense – Gripfighting for Heel Hook Defense – Applying the Heel Hook from Double Seated Guard

Volume 7, Passing the 50/50 Position

Vol 8 Passing 50-50

To have a good 50/50 game, you need to be comfortable on both the top and the bottom. In this section, Rob will teach you how to keep the pressure on your opponent from the top position, smash him, pass his guard, or submit him with submissions that come on quickly and effortlessly.

The Top 50/50 Position Overview – Standing Up Safely in the 50/50 – Untangling the Triangle – Untangling Crossed Ankles – Building Your Base vs Strong Kuzushi – Blocking Your Opponent from Inverting – Resetting to Double Seated vs the Inversion – Passing 50/50 Through Smashi – Passing 50/50 from Standing – Passing vs the Flash Kneebar – Defending the 50/50 Hip Hook – The Grippo Rippo from Top 50/50 – The Effortless Kneebar

Volume 8, Bottom 50/50 Attacks and Secondary Submissions

Vol 9 Bottom 50-50 Attacks

The world of the 50/50 has been transformed by improved attacking strategies from the bottom.  Historically this was a symmetrical position where both competitors would race to finish the submission first. Still, now you’ll learn new approaches to flip the script and attack your opponent from the 50/50 without putting yourself at risk. This might be the most essential part of the instructional.

Your Goals from Bottom 50/50 – Kuzushi Mechanisms from Bottom 50/50 – Inverting to Backside 50/50 – Bottom 50/50 to Hip Hook Hip Hook to the Back – Hip Hook to Backside 50/50 – Heel Hook Regaining the Knee from Backside 50/50 – Taking the Back or Sweeping After Losing the Knee – Backside 50/50 Breaking Mechanics – The BJ Defense – The Flash Kneebar – Sweeping from Backside 50/50 vs Backstep – Sweeping from Backside 50/50 when Heel Hooks are Banned – Defending the Effortless Kneebar – Secondary Submission Threats from 50/50 Overview – Toe Hold from 50/50 – Aoki Lock from 50/50 – Darce from 50/50 – Armbar from 50/50

Volume 9, 50/50 Entries

Vol 11 50-50 Entries

If you can attack with an unexpected leglocks, you have a HUGE advantage over your opponent, and in this section, you’ll learn how to do just that.  Here you’ll learn the newest, most surprising ways to attack with the 50/50 from the bottom from all the most common no gi guard positions.

50/50 Entries Overview – Wu Tang Entry to Backside 50/50 – SLX Entry to Backside 50/50 – X Guard Entry to Backside 50/50 – K Guard Entry to Backside 50/50 – Shallow K Guard Entry to Backside 50/50 – Shell Half Guard Entry to Backside 50/50 – Closed Guard Entry to Backside 50/50 – Backside 50/50 Entry from Reverse Shin on Shin – Bottom 50/50 Entry from Reverse Shin on Shin – Opportunistic Outside Ashi to 50/50 Transfer – Crisp SLX to 50/50 Transfer – Preg Trap to 50/50 – Deep Half Guard to 50/50 – Outside Sankaku Overview – Double Seated 50/50 to Outside Sankaku – Spinning Heel Exposure from Outside Sankaku – Outside Sankaku Dig Sequence – Countering Outside Ashi with Outside Sankaku

Volume 10, Reverse Pathways and Ankle Clamps

Vol 12 Reverse Pathways and the Ankle Clamp

Most leglock attacks start by controlling the leg entanglement position first and then moving on to the actual finish second.  The reverse pathway approach turns that paradigm on its head; in a reverse pathway approach, you start by controlling the foot at the end of the lever and only then shooting into position for the submission.  Submissions applied in this manner come on QUICK and POWERFUL, making this an approach all serious competitors need to be aware of.

Reverse Pathway Attacks – Outside Ankle Clamp and Inside Heel Hook – Overhook Grip Spin to Outside Heel Hook – Overhook Grip Spin to Kneebar – The Inside Ankle Clamp Position – Inside Ankle Clamp to Outside Heel Hook – Underhook Grip Spin to Outside Sankaku – Underhook Grip Spin to Kneebar

Volume 11, Countering Leglock Backtakes

Vol 13 Countering the Rolling Backtakes

The development of rolling back takes to counter leglock attacks has been a major development in the game, and therefore as a leglocker, you need to understand and know how to counter this style of back take.  Fortunately, there are tried and true methods you can use to shut down his rolling back completely take, end up on top, or even improve your position to apply even more devastating leglocks.

Countering Rolling Back Takes – Understanding the Scissor Wedge – Understanding the Twister Hook – Defending the Scissor Wedge – Defending the Twister Hook – Countering the Scissor Wedge – Countering the Twister Hook – Re-attacking the Legs

Volume 12, How to Drill Cutting Edge Leglocks

Vol 14 Leglock Drills

Knowing techniques is only the first step; the real magic happens in the training. In this volume, Rob Biernacki shares his specific drills so that you will become comfortable in leglock exchanges and learn how to navigate leglock tangles and tap your opponent out safely!

Leg Spaghetti – FYJJ Leglock Drilling – Offense Only – Leg Spaghetti Offense Only Drill – Defense Only – Leg Spaghetti Defense Only Drill Offense Mixed with Defense – Leg Spaghetti Offense Mixed with Defense Drill – Leg Spaghetti with Passing & Back Attacks – Leg Spaghetti with Passing & Back Attacks Drill – Conclusion & Outro

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Cutting Edge Leglocks The Changing Leglock Meta by Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki

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Cutting Edge Leglocks The Changing Leglock Meta by Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki

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