Ultimate Choke Escapes By Henry Akins BJJFanatics

Give yourself more time to survive with Henry’s positional maintenance tips that maximize your defensive potential.

Learn to defeat devastating chokes like the triangle, cross collar, bulldog, Ezekiel and MORE!
Understand preliminary defense in a way that makes even the BEST choke attempts fall short.
Do more, with less! Henry breaks down sophisticated techniques into easy-to-follow steps that are sure to get you out of danger!
Get back on offense with Akin’s battle tested escapes and reversals.

Ultimate Choke Escapes is a 4-part series dedicated to providing a roadmap of defending and escaping the tightest chokes in Jiu-Jitsu. Henry Akins is back to add another classic to his catalogue of top-tier instructionals. This time he sets his sights on providing a multi-phase approach to defeating chokes with preliminary defenses and innovative escapes.

The choke is one of the most effective submissions for a multitude of reasons. Henry looks to utilize your own Choke knowledge to help you defeat a wide array of chokes including triangles, arm-triangles, cross collar chokes, and MORE! By understanding how many of these chokes work you can stay a step ahead of your opponent by knowing their next move. Henry also teaches you how to develop an overall safer approach to each aspect of your game.

How do you defend a Triangle? Don’t get stuck in one! Henry unravels the details on what it takes to stay out of effective chokes before they start. This approach provides you offensive opportunities while limiting the options of your opponent. Proper posture, grips, and preparation are great preventative measures that will make submission attempts fall short. Ultimate Choke Escapes will help you develop not only an escape plan, but keep you out of danger!

Even though a major goal of Ultimate Choke Escapes is to stop submissions before they start, Henry uncovers the hidden details of HOW to escape the tightest chokes. With his ample experience, Henry sheds light on how to unravel chokes from dominant positions and get you back on the attack.


Part 1:

Cross Collar Choke Defense Using the Push Pull Choke
Attacking with the Push Pull Choke and Defending when Someone's using it from Inside the Guard 
Push Pull Choke Defense when Inside the Guard 
Ezekiel Defense from Guard 
The Nutcracker Choke Defense 
Cross Collar from Mount Defense 
Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 1 
Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 2 
Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 2 - Outtake 
Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 3 
The Head and Arm Choke from Mount Defense 
Part 2:

Triangle Preliminary Defense 
Triangle Last Ditch Defense 
Clock Choke Defense 
Rear Naked Choke Preliminary Defense
Rear Naked Choke - Moving the Head to the Correct Side 
Belly Down Rear Naked Choke Escape 
Part 3:

D'Arce Choke Defense 
D'Arce Choke Defense in Reversal 
D'Arce Choke Defense when Opponent Attacks from Underneath
D'Arce Choke From the Bottom - Outtake 
Anaconda Choke Defense and Counter Attack with Americana Shoulder Lock 
Guillotine Defense from the Knees
Guillotine From the Knees - Blocking the Knee from Coming Up 
Guillotine Defense from Inside the Closed Guard 
Guillotine with Shin Through the Middle Defense 
Head and Arm Guillotine Defense 
Chin Strap Choke Defense 
Part 4:

The Papercutter Choke Defense 
Bow and Arrow Choke Defense 
Bow and Arrow Choke from Side Mount Defense
Bulldog Choke Defense 
Standing Guillotine Defense 
Standing Guillotine with Elbow Over the Shoulder Defense 
Bonus Baseball Choke Defence - Part 1
Bonus Baseball Choke Defence - Part 2

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Ultimate Choke Escapes By Henry Akins BJJFanatics

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Ultimate Choke Escapes by Henry Akins BJJFanatics

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