Ultimate Armlock Escapes by Henry Akins BJJFanatics

Master critical armlock escaping concepts with one of BJJ’s most respected instructors, Henry Akins

As a black belt with over 20+ years of experience, Akins has developed an incredibly effective style of fighting that's accessible to anyone
Learn the secrets of escaping armlocks unscathed and turn the tables on your opponents.
Use high-level concepts and details to escape kimuras, the americana, multiple armbar variations, and more.

In Ultimate armlock escapes you'll receive one on one instruction from revered BJJ instructor Henry Akins. With Akins’ assistance you'll master the critical concepts of escaping a variety of different arm locks and learn to remove yourself from dangerous situations before it's too late!

Escape and defend with incredible efficiency and an approach that works for anyone regardless of rank! Akins is one of the best instructors in the world and with his guidance you'll find defending and foiling a variety of common armlocks will become easier than ever!

Learn escapes for the kimura, americana, multiple armlock variations and more! With Akins’ new instructional you'll find accessible blueprints to unlocking some of the most troublesome submission attacks in BJJ and you’ll master the steps necessary to exit several dangerous scenarios. You'll discover preliminary and late stage defenses and escapes for a variety of armlock situations that we all encounter on a daily basis! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vet you’ll find details here that will keep you out of trouble for years to come!

The art of the escape is a tricky one but Akins has trimmed the fat and he’ll provide you with everything you need to understand, apply, and master the most necessary components of a great escape plan. Akins seminars are some of the most sought after in the world and now you can enjoy his incredibly efficient instruction on your time! Don't miss the opportunity to learn this important skill set from one of the best!

Part 1:

Americana from the mount preliminary defense 
Americana from the mount secondary defense 
Americana from the mount (leg hook) bridge escape 
Americana from mount hip switch, escape to the back
Americana from cross side escape 
Americana from bottom half guard escape 
Kimura from cross side flat, weight defense 
Kimura from cross side, blocking the leg and sitting up 
Kimura defense by grabbing the leg 
Kimura grip from cross side escape

Part 2:
Kimura from north south escape 
Kimura from north south escape, arm bar transition
Kimura from north south with the arm trapped, defense and escape 
Kimura from bottom half guard preliminary defense 
Kimura from bottom half guard leg grab escape 
Kimura from closed guard hip defense 
Kimura from closed guard defense and back take 
Kimura from closed guard late defense 
Straight armbar from cross side escape

Part 3:
Arm lock from closed guard preliminary defense - posture 
Arm lock from closed guard, stacking defense 
Arm lock from guard with both legs over the head
Arm lock from bottom with knee in between, pushing the knee to clear 
Belly down armlock escape 
Hitchhiker escape from armlock 
Armlock from mount Kimura grip 
Armlock from mount blocking the leg from coming in front of the face

Part 4:
Arm lock escape by pulling elbow to the ground
Arm lock escape from S-mount 
Arm lock escape from guard shoulder swallow 
Arm lock escape by clearing the head
Arm lock escape by passing ankle between the legs 
Arm lock escape by bridging over 
Arm lock escape by sitting up and stacking 
Arm lock escape with both legs over the head 
Arm lock escape with both legs over the head, creating the wedge
Arm lock escape with both legs over the body 
Omaplata escape

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Ultimate Armlock Escapes by Henry Akins BJJFanatics

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Ultimate Armlock Escapes by Henry Akins BJJFanatics

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