Gravedigger Passing System by Andris Brunovskis

Don’t think you’re ‘heavy’ enough to be a good pressure passer? Well, that’s about to change. Meet Andris Brunovskis. He may not look like the type of guy you’d see with a killer pressure passing game, yet, he’s managed to make a name for himself by squashing the dreams and inner organs of some of the world’s best black belts. How does he do it? Does he carry a concealed kettlebell in his gi? Does he wear a weight vest to help him add a few pounds per square inch of pressure to his opponent`s body? Nope and nope. Just like all great jiu jitsu practitioners, Andris uses nothing but technique.

Trying to master every guard pass in the book is IMPOSSIBLE! The truth is, passing guard is complicated and with the seemingly endless combinations of grips and leg placements, it feels like new guards are being created almost every day. And just when you thought you had your opponent’s guard figured out, here they are back on the mat with something else you have to deal with. And all your progress goes out the window, leaving you to start from scratch, yet again.  But, what if you didn’t have to? In this course, you’ll learn an easy-to-follow soul-crushing pressure passing system that’ll have your opponent begging you to relieve the pressure so badly, they’ll actually help you with the pass. And because it’s based on technique and not size or strength, anyone can do it – regardless of how small you are or how big your opponent is.

That’s right you can be a buck fifty soaking wet and still use the gravedigger system to not only pass your opponent’s guard… but rearrange their inner organs in the process. 10x the pounds per square inch in your pressure passing game and force your opponent to dig their own grave. If your opponent isn’t in immense discomfort when you’re passing guard, you’re doing something wrong.

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Release 29 November 2021
Gravedigger Passing System by Andris Brunovskis

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Gravedigger Passing System by Andris Brunovskis

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