Advanced Basics Vol 17 Kani Basami Made Easy by Firas Zahabi

Introducing the Kani Basami, the fearsome "Flying Scissor" technique in Jiu-Jitsu! Renowned as one of the most difficult moves to master, only a select few have truly unlocked its secrets. However, its unparalleled effectiveness sets it apart as a game-changer in the world of martial arts.

See Coach Zahabi's ingenious approach. He has achieved something truly remarkable by simplifying the learning process and creating three progressive steps that demystify the complexities of this technique. No matter your skill level, these 3 easy progressions will empower you to grasp and master the Kani Basami with remarkable ease. Brace yourself for a transformative journey that will elevate your martial arts expertise to a whole new level. Get ready to open doors to new possibilities and unleash the full power of the Kani Basami.

No more confusion and unnecessary details! Coach Zahabi's progressive system approach to teaching the Kani Basami is here to revolutionize your learning experience. With his straightforward and effective techniques, you'll quickly grasp the intricacies of this formidable move. Discover for yourself why Coach Zahabi's teaching style is renowned worldwide. Get ready to unlock the power of the Kani Basami and take your skills to a whole new level!

In this video you will Discover

The Dangerous of the Flying Scissor Attack
How to attack with the Flying Scissor safely
The importance of learning via core progressions and not detailed moves
Progression 1
Progression 2
Progression 3 
2 on 1 to Elbow Control to Kani Basami 
Standard Butterfly Sweep to Kani Basami 
Understanding Distance & Elevation 
Understanding how to Create Tension
Push - Pull 1
Push - Pull 2 
The KB Spin 
Front Headlock Escape to Kani Basami 
Failed Front Headlock Escape to Kani Basami (Coach Zahabi‚Äôs Favourite) 
How to Kani Basami vs Standing Opponents 
Eddie Cummings Entry
The KB Spin vs Standing Opponent 
RDLR to KB transition
DLR to Reverse KB 
KB from X-Guard
Scissor Sweep 
X-Guard to Kani Basami 
Avoiding the most common mistake 
Understanding how to attack the supporting leg
X-Guard to Imanari KB attack

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Advanced Basics Vol 17 Kani Basami Made Easy by Firas Zahabi

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Advanced Basics Vol 17 Kani Basami Made Easy by Firas Zahabi

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