• Kimura Trap Mastery by Jordan Preisinger
Kimura Trap Mastery by Jordan Preisinger

What if you could 2x your submissions in BJJ?
Wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of a "secret" technique that would make you unbeatable in Jiu-Jitsu?
A technique that would turn you into a beast on the mats... That would guarantee the tap every time you got a hold of it?

Unfortunately, there's no one single technique that's going to make you unbeatable.
Jiu-Jitsu is difficult. You'll need to work on your offense from all sorts of angles and invest a lot of effort in order to become the best you can be.

However, there is an attack system that can almost certainly ensure a tap. It is a system that's simple to learn, extremely high percentage, and extraordinarily versatile – it will make your submission rate literally 2x better than ever before.
And I promise: once you start using it, you'll never look back.

Yes, you've guessed right. It's the Kimura Trap system: a need-to-know Jiu-Jitsu attack system, suitable for all belt levels and superbly efficient in both gi and no-gi.

And guess what? Now is the time to learn it.

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duration 1 hour 7 minutes
release 16 February 2024
Kimura Trap Mastery by Jordan Preisinger

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Kimura Trap Mastery by Jordan Preisinger

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