• Loop Choke Obsession by James Clingerman
Loop Choke Obsession by James Clingerman

Unlock Advanced BJJ Techniques And Dive Deep Into The Art Of Brazilian Jiu-JItsu With James Clingerman, A Seasoned Black Belt, As He Unveils Innovative Loop Choke Variations To Elevate Your Grappling Game

Gain the upper hand on the mat with James Clingerman's expert guidance on mastering creative loop choke variations, enabling you to catch your opponents off guard and secure submissions.
Learn versatile loop choke variations tailored for different positions and scenarios, empowering you to adapt seamlessly to your opponent's movements and control the match.
Elevate your BJJ skills to new heights as James Clingerman shares his insights into the intricacies of loop choke variations, providing you with a competitive edge on the mat.
Unleash your full potential as a grappler with James Clingerman's comprehensive instruction on implementing creative loop choke variations, allowing you to express your creativity and finesse in every roll.

Intro To Loop Choke Obesession
Volume 1
Chapter 1 - Basic Loop Choke From Guard
Chapter 2 - Basic Loop Choke To Cross Choke
Chapter 3 - High Elbow
Chapter 4 - Roll Under Traditional Loop Choke
Chapter 5 - Roll Under Traditional Loop Choke
Leg Grab

Volume 2
Chapter 6 - Cow Catcher
Chapter 7 - Cement Mixer
Chapter 8 - Chin Whip
Chapter 9 - Body Under Head-Crucifix Style
Chapter 10 - Bridge From Pass
Chapter 11 - Counter To Bridge Defense

Volume 3
Chapter 12 - Wild West Choke
Chapter 13 - Turtle Intro
Chapter 14 - Back Step Leg Grab
Chapter 15 - Wild West Finish
Chapter 16 - Wild West Finish 2 - To The Back

Volume 4
Chapter 17 - Loop Choke From The Side
Chapter 18 - Front Single Wing Version
Chapter 19 - Peruvian Necktie
Chapter 20 - Loop Choke From Rear Mount
Chapter 21 - Loop Choke From Knee On Stomach

Volume 5
Chapter 22 - Loop Choke vs. Loop Choke
Chapter 23 - Loop Choke Guard Pass
Chapter 24 - Standing Loop Choke 1
Chapter 25 - Standing Same Side Leg Back Step
Chapter 26 - Standing Ankle Pick
Chapter 27 - Fireman's Carry

Loop Choke Obsession Outro

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Loop Choke Obsession by James Clingerman

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Loop Choke Obsession by James Clingerman

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