Death by Mounted Triangle by Crystal Nadeau

Master The Mounted Triangle With Crystal Nadeau’s Comprehensive Guide On All-Aspects Of The Mounted Triangle Including Entries, Finishing Variations, Complementary Techniques, and MORE!

Crystal Nadeau is an MMA fighter and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and is ready to share her unique Death By Mounted Triangle system that anyone can use to drastically improve their submission rate.
Develop consistent methods of obtaining high mount on your opponent and systematically secure the mounted triangle!
Troubleshoot common defensive maneuvers like the bridge and roll and learn to stay on the attack with counters that force opponents even deeper into your triangle choke!
Build a complimentary submission system that allows you to stay on offense when your triangle is defended.
Drastically improve your ability to take the mount from a variety of scenarios including going from takedowns directly into the mount.
Watch real-life examples of Crystal using her system against resisting opponents and analyze what makes her system so powerful!

Part 1 – Effortless Way to Get High Mount
Part 2 – Get to Mounted Triangle
Part 3 – Mounted Triangle Finishes
Part 4 – Bridge & Rolled: Finish Triangle & Armlocks
Part 5 – Get to Mount: Pressure Pass
Part 6 – Get to Mount: Takedown
Part 7 – Get to Mounted Triangle: Reverse Crucifix
Part 8 – Armbar to Mounted Triangle
Part 9 – Finish More Triangles
Part 10 – Quick & Dirty Mount: Step Over
Part 11 – Real Life Troubleshooting: Statistically Probable Fail Points & Solutions
Part 12 – Fail Breakdown: How Did They Escape Mount?
Part 13 – Fail Breakdown: How Did They Escape My Triangle
Part 14 – Fail Breakdown: I Got Bridge & Rolled From Mounted Triangle, Now What?
Part 15 – Fail Breakdown: Their Arms Get In My Way!!
Part 16 – Fail Breakdown: Why Can't I Keep Mount?
Part 17 – Fail Breakdown: Their Legs Get In My Way!!
Part 18 – Cliff Notes Version: Realize BJJ Life Mounted Triangle Instructional
Follow Along Drills: Get Solo or Partner Reps
Part 19 – Get to Mount
Part 20 – Get to Mounted Triangle from Mount
Part 21 – Get to Mounted Triangle from Reverse Crucifix
Part 22 – Mounted Triangle Finishes
Part 23 – Bridge and Rolled – Triangle Finishes

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Death by Mounted Triangle by Crystal Nadeau

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Death by Mounted Triangle by Crystal Nadeau

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