The Fastest Way To Becoming Effective In Standing Position by John Danaher

John Danaher Presents The Fastest Way: To Becoming Effective In Standing Position, an 8-Part Instructional That Will Revolutionize The Standing Position In Jiu-Jitsu!

John Danaher is widely regarded as one of the leading minds in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu and with his latest installment of The Fastest Way series he looks to revolutionize your approach to the standing position.
Learn to make first contact in a meaningful way that puts you in position to secure the highest percentage takedown in the sport, the single leg and many of its most useful variations!
Master key defensive aspects to the most important concepts to defending singles, doubles, hand fighting, downblocks, utilizing a whizzer, and MORE!
Simplify and systemize the standing position with repeatable steps that will have you securing more takedowns than ever before.
Turn any failed single into a tight waist or upper body control with offensive sequences that happen any time an opponent is able to defend your onslaught of single legs!
John’s standing system has been on display by many of the top competitors in the sport including Giancarlo Bodoni, Nicholas Meregali, and of course Gordon Ryan!

Part 1
Your First Standing Skill: Stance Motion Contact - Finding Your Stance
Making First Contact - Forehead To Forehead Method
The Rear Hand Reach Method
Front Hand Reach Method
Head Post Method
Getting 2 Hands On Your Opponent
The All Important Push Pull Dynamic
Making Your Opponent Step Where You Want
Head Position
Asymmetric Gripping
Closed Stance (Ai-Yotsu) And Open Stance (Kenka-Yotsu)
Inside Control Vs Outside Control And The First 2 Grips You Must Master

Part 2
The 3 Basic Goals Of Hand Fighting
The 2 Goals Of Foot Fighting
The High Single Leg Takedown - Procedure And Mechanics
Outside Step / Outside Reach
Outside Step / Inside Reach
Inside Outside Step
2 Hands To A Leg

Part 3
Setups For The High Single Leg - Collar And Elbow Setup
Tricep And Elbow Setup
Wrist And Elbow Setup
Cross Wrist Setup
Elbow Post
High/Low Setup
Arm Drag Setup
Head Post Setup
Overtie With Inside Elbow
Underhook Setup
Shuck Setup
2 On 1 Setups

Part 4
Single Leg Finishes - The 3 Finishing Positions
Finishing Low Inside - Dump
Low Inside (Te-Guruma)
High Inside - De Ashi Harai
Modified Dump
High Outside - De Ashi Harai
Double Leg Finishes - Head Inside Double Leg
Head Outside Double Leg
Sweep Double Leg
Wrap Around Double Leg
Understanding The Crucial Importance Of The Foot To Foot Dilemma In Our Standing Program

Part 5
Going To Your Knees On A Single Leg - Pros
Getting To A Leg On 2 Knees
Dealing With The 2 Most Common Problems With Single Legs In Jiu-Jitsu - Dealing With A Limp Leg
Dealing With A Guillotine
When The High Single Leg Fails: Switching To The Waist Or Underhook - Getting To The Waist Or Underhook
Knee Pick
Body Lock Uki Goshi
High Lock Uki Goshi
Body Lock Kosoto Gake
Pinch Headlock

Part 6
Positional Attacks To The Back - Snapdown - Ear To Ear Snap
Forehead To Forehead Snap
Overtie Snap
Duck Unders - Wrist Drop Duck Under
Misdirection Duck Under
Arm Drag - Wrist To Inside Drag
Wrist And Overdrag
Snap And Drag
Throw By - Underhook Throw By
Double Underhook Throw By
Sliding Past A Whizzer
Control And Takedowns From The Back

Part 7
Defensive Skills - Defensive Stance And Hand Fighting
Down Blocking
Sprawling On A Single Leg
Sprawling On A Double Leg
Defensive Whizzer: Keeping Your Opponent In Front Of You
Whizzer Vs Single Leg
Summary Of The Skills And Procedures Of This Video
A Short Guide To Effectiveness In The Standing Position
4 Key Skills In Standing Position
Controlling The Initial Contact
Single Leg Takedown As Foundational Skill
Positional Attacks
Defensive Skills

Part 8
Demonstration Of Procedure - Step 1. Control The Initial Contact
Getting To Grip Asymmetry
Hand Fighting With Purpose
Generate Foot To Foot Positioning With A Connection Hand
Step 2. Single Leg Game - Posture Is As Important As Position
Single Leg To High Leg (Inside/Outside)
Transition To Double Leg
Transition To Waist Or Underhook
Step 3. When Foot To Foot Positioning Is Impossible
Scoring From Rear Bodylock And 4 Point
Step 4. Defense And Defensive Scoring - Imposing Barriers
Down Block
Whizzer - Whizzer For Back Defense

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The Fastest Way To Becoming Effective In Standing Position by John Danaher

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The Fastest Way To Becoming Effective In Standing Position by John Danaher

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