Heisting Making Your Jiu Jitsu Multidimensional by Garry Tonon

New Wave Athlete, One FC Fighter, ADCC Medalist And The Most Exciting Grappler Alive, Garry Tonon Is Going To Show you How To Incorporate The Often Over Looked "Heisting" Into Your Game! Heisting Is An Integration Between Standing And Ground and Garry's System is AMAZING

Learn how to go from guard to takedown, takedown to guard, submissions to takedowns, takedowns to submissions and MORE - Blend the two dimensions of BJJ and integrate your standing and ground
Become a complete fighter with this game changing series - Garry is the king of the scramble and this series will show you why - his dynamic approach to mixing his guard, takedowns, submissions and more are what give him the competitive edge in a scramble 
Garry has beat many world champions with his exciting style and has been an integral part of the Gordon Ryan's success as one of his coaches. 
Start to see scrambles everywhere and understand how to blend your game.

In this unique instructional, you will be exploring a revolutionary system with Garry Tonon about mixing up your guard, takedowns and submissions. We often learn BJJ as techniques on the ground, techniques from standing, but we fail to blend the two and learn how to integrate them with eachother. 

So much of Garry's game is creating scrambles, sit up sweep into a single leg and then fall back into ashi garami and attack the leg! He is diverse and dynamic and in this series he is going to help you be the same

This instructional is for anyone who want to explore a modern and extremely effective approach to no gi bjj. Not only that, but someone who is trying to modernize their game by mixing their standing and guard. Garry is one of the BEST teachers on this planet and he makes high level concepts easy to learn!

Volume 1:

Heisting For Leg Entrances - Cross Hamstring Entry Slide   
Double Leg Ashi Slide      
Back Side Entries   
Ankle Pick Variations

Volume 2:
Fundamental Skills - Footwork    
Intro - Maximizing Mindset    
Heisting To Gain Energy - Yoko Sumi Gaeshi   
Cross Ashi Garami   
Standard Sumi Gaeshi    
Foot Fighting   
Ashi Heist

Volume 3:
Heisting To The Back - Cross Hamstring Pull    
Ducking Part 2  
Dragging Seated VS Standing

Volume 4:
Heisting Out Of Pins - Pommeling       
Threatening Submissions      
Elbow Posting      
Mounted Position  
Feet On Hips

Volume 5:
Heisting For Top Position - Double Legs        
Heels To Butt       
Heels To Butt Part 2       
Ashi Heist        
Te Waza    
Yoko Sumi Granby     
Snatching The Head

Volume 6:
Problems With Heisting - Single Legs 
Front Headlock
The Sprawl

Volume 7:
Heisting To Prevent The Score - Takedown      
Turtle Position   
Ashi Heist   
Sumi Gaeshi Swing     
Cross Shin    
Overhook Sumi Gaeshi    
Funk Rolls

Volume 8:
Heisting Off Of Inversions - Passing Inversions      
Heisting For Leg Entanglements - Pivot Heist    

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Heisting Making Your Jiu Jitsu Multidimensional by Garry Tonon

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Heisting Making Your Jiu Jitsu Multidimensional by Garry Tonon

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