Octopus Guard Engineering by Adam Wardzinski

Multiple Time IBJJF Pans And European Champion, Adam Wardzinski Is Going To Help You Implement This Unique And Effective Position. The Octopus Guard Plays off Of The Half Guard And Is Often Severely Overlooked and Under Studied 

Start to develop a unique and effective guard while also enhancing your half guard - Octopus catches people off guard
Become dangerous and unpredictable, with sweeps, back takes, submissions and more, the Octopus truly is a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE guard
Adam is one of the best active competitors in the world and many of his toughest matches have been won using this position 
Catch people off guard and surprise the - Octopus is very seldom taught and very understudied
Adam is a master at breaking down technique and simplifying things

The octopus guard is a position that plays off of half guard and an unorthodox approach to highly effective sweeps and back takes. Adam has won countless matches against world class competitors using it. While it may not be as popular as other guards, it is much more simple and effective and often overlooked. 

You will learn a high level system of attacks that play off of common reactions, this position tends to make BJJ more predictable, primarily because people don't encounter it often so their defense is basic.

You can take the back, sweep, submit, and switch into other guards that you may prefer. Increasing in popularity rapidly, NOW IS THE TIME TO OCTOPUS GUARD THE WORLD.

This universal guard is good for anyone with a basic understanding of guard. Adam has a very high level fundamental approach to all of his BJJ. Known for his butterfly, he combines this octopus guard with other positions. Anyone who has been training for over a few months will see extreme benefits. 

Regardless of if you're a black belt or two stripe white belt, this is a unique position that is not taught daily and Adam is the best in the world at it. 

Part 1:

Octopus Guard Intro    
Octopus Guard Entries 
Countering the Crossface  
Dealing with the Crossface Attacking Opponent's Arm

Part 2:
Chasing the Back   
Chasing the Back part 2  
Chasing the Back part 3   
Double Leg 
Countering the Guard Pass with Back Chasing Concepts 
Hip Bump Sweep     
Ways to NOT Get Reoctopussed

Part 3:
Hip Bump Option with Hips Sideways   
Octopus Dogfight Position  
Octopus Back Take Under Opponent's Leg   
Simple Octopus Back Take When Hips are Sideways      
General Rule to Take the Back From Octopus and How to Avoid Counters   
Octopus Butterfly Guard Sweep

Part 4:
Attacking the Back and the Arm After Basic Octopus Hook Sweep 
Octopus Butterfly Over the Head Sweep 
Octopus Butterfly Back Take   
Octopus Butterfly Overview  
Octopus Back Take From Turtle Position

Part 5:
Octopus Concepts From Closed Guard      
Countering the Backstep with the Octopus   
Top Octopus to Back Take
Getting Top Octopus From Headquarters Position

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Octopus Guard Engineering by Adam Wardzinski

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Octopus Guard Engineering by Adam Wardzinski

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