Mount Dominance by Rayron Gracie

Master The Mount With World-Class Concepts and Techniques From BJJ Phenom Rayron Gracie and His Complete Guide To Domnating From The Mount!

Rayron is a 4th generation Gracie, was promoted to black belt by Kyra Gracie, and was ranked #1 in the IBJJF for EACH colored belt!
Not only ranked #1 in the IBJJF ranking in every colored belt, he won the worlds championship four times in every colored belt!
Make the mount your go to position for finishing matches under the expert guidance of Rayron Gracie.
Rayron’s instructional teaches you how to completely dominate from the mount including world-class controls, submissions, countering escapes, and MORE!
Troubleshoot common defensive reactions like the bridge & roll, kipping escapes, and submission defenses in a way that always has you advancing against your opponent.
Learn to fight from multiple variations of mount including low, mid, and high mount!
Master all-aspects of the mount with Rayron Gracie’s 4-part masterclass series Mount

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release 01 June 2024
Mount Dominance by Rayron Gracie

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Mount Dominance by Rayron Gracie

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