Prison Rules The Not So Gentle Art of JiuJitsu by Daniele Bolelli

Explore The Raw And Unfiltered World Of Prison Rules Jiu Jitsu Alongside Acclaimed Martial Artist Danielle Bolelli As He Unveils The Gritty Techniques And Strategies Used In Real-Life Combat Situations.

Master the art of adaptability and survival with Bolelli's unique approach to Jiu Jitsu, forged in the crucible of unconventional environments and tested in the most challenging of circumstances.
Discover the underground secrets of Prison Rules Jiu Jitsu as Bolelli shares his insights into leveraging leverage, timing, and psychological warfare to gain the upper hand in any confrontation.
Learn from a true master of unconventional combat tactics as Bolelli reveals the hidden gems of Prison Rules Jiu Jitsu, empowering you to defend yourself effectively in unpredictable scenarios
Take your martial arts skills to the next level with Bolelli's no-nonsense approach to self-defense, designed to equip you with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in high-pressure situations both inside and outside the gym.

This is a truly unique instructional that covers unconventional techniques that many people assume are "rude" or "mean."  When applied properly, these old school techniques are super effective and can be applied SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY. 

Daniel Bolelli is a world renowned BJJ instructor and he is going to show you safe adaptations of this "prison" style BJJ. Learn techniques like neck cranks, face cranks, crossfaces, mir locks, and more.

The Butcher
The Stockade
The Cradle
Involuntary Yoga
Baseball Bat Choke

Face Crank
Estima Neck Crank
Can Opener
Teepee Choke

100% Sweep to Neck Crank
100% Neck Crank
Mir Lock
Kote Gaeshi
Standing Wrist Lock
 Russian 2-on-1 to Wrist Lock
Switch to Wrist Lock
Judo Elbow Lock
Jon Jones Shoulder Lock

Pinch Headlock
Cow Catcher to Neck Crank
 Kani Basami
Hell Hook
Shin Lock
Armbar Options

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Prison Rules The Not So Gentle Art of JiuJitsu by Daniele Bolelli

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Prison Rules The Not So Gentle Art of JiuJitsu by Daniele Bolelli

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