Systematically Attacking The Guillotine by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan won an ADCC title by way of guillotine and he is here to show you the guillotine like never before. Start understanding this famous choke as more than a submission but as a position from the greatest no gi grappler ever

The guillotine may be the most accessible and high percentage submission in no gi - And it is much more than a submission
Learn how to use the guillotine to sweep, submit, pass, pin and MORE
Until Now This System Was Only For Gordon and his team but Gordon is going to share every single detail throughout 8 volumes and include rolling commentary where he goes over his EXACT train of thought
Gordon is not only the greatest no gi grappler but a master of articulation - he breaks techniques down in an EASY to implement way
Know more win more

Unlock the secrets to dominating with the guillotine choke in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Gordon Ryan's comprehensive instructional video, Systematically Attacking The Guillotine. Gordon won an ADCC title by guillotine - He is a master. 

Learn from a BJJ Phenom: Gordon Ryan, hailed as the greatest no gi grappler ever with the highest submission rate in history- Gordon boasts an impressive record including multiple ADCC championships, where he has showcased his mastery over opponents worldwide.

Guided by John Danaher: Trained under the guidance of legendary coach John Danaher, known for his systematic approach to grappling and creating top level athletes, Gordon Ryan's techniques are refined and cutting-edge with EXTREME attention to detail and excellent articulation

Step-by-Step Instruction: Gordon breaks down setups, grips, and finishing mechanics, ensuring you grasp each detail with clarity and depth.

Versatile Applications: Whether you're standing, in guard, or transitioning between positions, Gordon Ryan teaches you how to apply the guillotine effectively against opponents of all sizes and styles.

Advanced Strategies: Gain insights into troubleshooting common mistakes and countering opponent defenses effectively, enhancing your tactical awareness on the mats.

Perfect for practitioners at any skill level, from beginners to seasoned competitors, Gordon Ryan's "Systematically Attacking The Guillotine" not only teaches a potent submission but also embodies the essence of high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by demonstrating the guillotine as more than a submission but as a position. 

Learn how to use this positon to pass, sweep, submit anyone. The neck is more available than ANYTHING in no gi and so many people are neglecting it. GORDON WON AN ADCC TITLE BY GUILLOTINE. 

Part 1:

Chin To Chest   
Defensive Hand Positions  
Hip To Hip Connection   
Types Of Guillotines  
What To Use And When

Part 2:
Intro To Guillotine From Closed Guard 
Failed Hip Bump To Guillotine   
Finishing Low Elbow   
Finishing High Elbow   
Finishing High Wrist 
Finishing Power Guillotine  
Finishing Figure 4 Guillotine  
Finishing Arm In Guillotine  
Follow To Mount
Failed Guillotines To Triangle 
Failed Guillotines/Pummeling Legs Inside  
Sumi Gaeshi

Part 3:
Intro To Guillotine From Open Guard Bottom
Shoulder And Hip Rule 
Footballing The Head    
Sumi Gaeshi To Guillotine  
Cross Shin/Closed Guard/Half Guard Scenarios   
Following Defensive Roll 
Following Defensive Rolls Vs Lower Body Disconnection  
Switch To Sumi Gaeshi   
Countering Side Bodylock With Guillotine    
Failed Yoko Sumi Gaeshi Into The Legs  
Opponent Passes To The Wrong Side   
Countering A Pass To Side Control

Part 4:
Intro To Guillotine From Top Open Guard  
Footballing The Head  
Falling To Guillotine  
Forward Roll To Guillotine   
Knee Slides 
Intro To Guillotine From Half Guard    
Set Ups  
Passing To Side Control  
Passing To Mount
Rolling To High Wrist Guillotine 
Failed Kimura To Guillotine

Part 5:
Intro To Guillotine From Side Control/Mount       
Guillotine Options From Side Control       
Locking A Guillotine From Mount        
Intro To Guillotines From The Back 
Set Ups And Scenarios

Part 6:
Intro To Guillotines From Front Headlock  
Defensive Hand Positions    
Basic Elbow Rule   
Centerline Shift   
Setups Vs No Defensive Hands  
Setups Vs Defensive Hands    
Misdirectional Set Ups      
Anaconda To Guillotine      
D'arce To Guillotines

Part 7:
Rolling - Sonny    
Rolling - Landon   
Rolling - Ty    
Rolling - Reese

Part 8:
Rolling Commentary - Sonny 
Rolling Commentary - Landon    
Rolling Commentary - Ty   
Rolling Commentary - Reese

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Systematically Attacking The Guillotine by Gordon Ryan

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Systematically Attacking The Guillotine by Gordon Ryan

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