Foot Sweeps, Ankle Picks And Tripods Engineering by Adam Wardzinski

Multiple Time Black Belt IBJJF Pan and European Champion, Adam Wardzinski Is Here To Help You Sweep and Takedown a Standing Opponent With This Unique And EASY To Use System - Primarily From Butterfly.

Discover high level technique to stop anyone from standing, passing and running around you guard.
Adam has the best butterfly guard in the world today, and he has won countless world class matches with these exact techniques
Implement popular positions like shin to shin, single leg x, x, butterfly and more to foot sweep, ankle pick, and attack a mobile and quick opponent
Slow down the game and take advantage of mistakes - Adam is a world class instructor and one of BJJ Fanatics BEST SELLERS

In another unique and simple to implement series, Adam is going to show you how you can use modern BJJ wrestling, judo, primarily in foot sweeps and ankle picks from your guard to take down high level opponents. 

Known for his butterfly guard, this is an extension of his modern approach to this extremely effective guard. Adam details how to use this guard to get into shin to shin, single leg x, x, and then utilize those positions to tripod sweep, foot sweep, ankle pick and more. 

This truly is a systematic approach to guard, and an effective one. 

This series is focused on high level techniques but with Adam's ability to simplify things and use ADVANCED BASICS, anyone can catch on and use these techniques. If you are into the butterfly guard or trying to incorporate more butterfly, this is perfect for you.

If you are having trouble with people who stand and pass, or run around your guard, this entire series is a perfect way to slow those people down and attack them.

Part 1:

Sleeve Grip Concept  
Getting the Sleeve Grip     
Dummy Sweep   
Dummy Sweep with a Sleeve Control
Part 2:

Shin to Shin Foot Sweep    
Shin to Shin Foot Sweep No Gi Style Variant      
Shin to Shin Foot Sweep with a Collar 
Chasing Opponent Disengaging From Butterfly Guard     
Pulling Guard Straight to Shin to Shin Foot Sweep       
Foot Sweeping Against Narrow Stance
Part 3:

Ankle Pick from a Sleeve Control       
Wrestling Up with the Ankle Pick        
Ankle Reach Foot Sweep     
Single Leg X Foot Sweep      
X Guard Shin Sweep
Part 4:

Tripod Sweep   
Reverse Tripod Sweep    
Connecting Previous Concepts with Sit up Guard  
Sit up Guard Leg Sweep    
Sit up Guard Leg Sweep Option 2    
Sit up Guard Foot Sweep      
Sit up Guard Foot Sweep Option 2     
Wrestling Up From Sit up Guard

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Foot Sweeps, Ankle Picks And Tripods Engineering by Adam Wardzinski

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Foot Sweeps, Ankle Picks And Tripods Engineering by Adam Wardzinski

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