The Z Guard-Bernardo Faria 2 DVD Set


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The Z Guard-Bernardo Faria 2 DVD Set
World champion Bernardo Faria is back! He's continuing to show the secrets of his amazing half guard game, this time the focus is on the Z-Guard / Single Leg Half. This is a position he's been refining since he was a blue belt. He is finally ready to share his best positions with the world. Now you too can make these moves your own.
In this 2 DVD set, Bernardo explains all of the concepts, grips, and details that really make these moves work. Each lesson is explained multiple times with numerous camera angles.
If you are serious about jiu-jitsu, you can not miss this one!
Pulling Half Guard
Pulling Half Guard With Wrist Control
Pulling Half Guard With Wrist Control 2
Pulling Half Guard from the Knees
Entrance From Closed Guard
Entrance From Side Control
Grip Concepts
Single Leg Concept
Z-Guard- Fundamental Concept
Z-Guard- Basic Reversal
Z-Guard- Power Double
Z-Guard- Double Leg
Z-Guard- Ankle Pick
Z-Guard- Collar Drag
Z-Guard- Collar Drag Misdirection
Z-Guard- Collar Drag With Sleeve Grip
Z-Guard- Whizzer Defense
Z-Guard- Whizzer Defense 2
Z-Guard- Double Leg With Pant Grip
Z-Guard- When Opponent Attempts Knee Slide
Knee Slide Counter- Double Leg
Knee Slide Counter- Double Leg 2
Knee Slide Counter- Hip Bump Double
Knee Slide Counter- Collar Drag
Knee Slide Counter- Close Leg Pant Grip
Back Step Counter Concept
Knee Smash Counter- Costa Rica Sweep
Knee Smash Counter- Wrist Lock
Knee Smash Counter- Reverse Armlock
Z-Guard- Belt Grip Double Leg
Z-Guard- Opposite Side Reversal
Z-Guard- Knee Bar From Bottom
Z-Guard- Half Butterfly Elevator Sweep
Z-Guard- Half Butterfly Technical Stand Up
Z-Guard- Throw Away The Trash
Z-Guard- Over Under Pass Counter
Z-Guard- Loop Choke
Z-Guard- Arm Throw Reversal
Z-Guard- Outside Trip
Z-Guard- Outside Trip Into Deep Half Guard
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