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The Ace of Escapes is not your typical instructional video with hundreds of isolated techniques that are not even linked to each other. We’ve ORGANIZED all the info, connected all the techniques together in a predictable system, and given you a solid plan to be executed.
With over 4 hours of detailed instruction, The Ace Of Escapes Online Video Course covers not only techniques, but also mindset, concepts, solo drills, flowcharts, how to survive against MONSTERS (300 pounders), narrated sparring, and much more…
Over 4 hours of detailed and organized instruction on how to escape, defend, and survive from the 3 most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu: the Side Control, the Mount, and the Back.
Battle tested techniques that have made me a world champion several times over.
Specific Solo Drills that are gonna be the foundation for your escapes. Also, Solo Drills designed to improve your hip mobility and leg dexterity, helping you to prevent those bad positions in the first place.
Side Control Escape Series: 11 techniques, plus concepts and mindset.
Mount Escape Series: 12 techniques, plus concepts and mindset.
Back Escape Series: 10 techniques, plus concepts and mindset.
Flowcharts to help you visualize the big picture and connect the techniques together.
Survival Skills and Cocoon Position: learn how to set up the most defensive position in Jiu Jitsu and not get smashed by 300 pounders.
How to escape from one of the toughest positions in Jiu Jitsu, The Rickson Gracie Control. Bonus Video.
How to escape from the Turtle Position. Bonus Video.
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