Arm Bar-Juji Gatame-Enter The System Part 1-John Danaher


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John Danaher is one of the most notorious and demanded grappling coaches in the planet, and it’s because he can take a simple idea like the jujigatame armbar and turn it into a weapon for his opponents and a death sentence for their opponents.
John has unlocked new secrets in grappling that he has honed into a world championship-caliber system
Now, it is time to enter the system again across 8 volumes to learn the world’s most effective armbars
The Danaher jujigatame system understands there is a two-step method to attacking for the armbar, and by dominating those two steps you can become an armbar master
With a simple series of adjustments, you can turn your body (any body) into a series of wedges and levers that, with just the lightest force, will turn your hips and grips into an arm breaking machine
By breaking the attack down to its most crucial parts, you can see how any athlete can increase their armbar percentage
Learn To Set Up & Finish The Most Deadly Arm Attack In Jiu Jitsu - This Simple Attack Should Be The Most Common Finish In Your Game: Now It can be
The Man Many Call "The Best Instructor On Earth" Finishes The Enter The System Series With This System That You Must Have In Your Game
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