The Bonebreaker Joint Attack System-Mike Bidwell


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The Bonebreaker Joint Attack System-Mike Bidwell MP4 540p VB
The Ultimate Joint-Attack System!
Welcome to the BoneBreaker Instructional - No Limbs left Behind! 
The phenomenal new submission system created and conceived through the eyes of BJJ black belt and BJJAfter40 founder Mike "Spider Ninja" Bidwell.
Featuring over 4 hours of the most progressive and creative grappling submissions ever seen.
This video series is a companion piece to the HeadHunter Choking system. While Headhunter is a complete strangulation system, BoneBreaker dives deep into the world of joint-locks and limb-manipulations. 
You’re going to ‘lose your mind’ on the wrist locks alone! 
Featuring world-class, detailed instruction with multiple angles and close ups to make you feel like you’re right in the action!
We tackle everything in this video filled with tons of never before seen wrist locks, high percentage arm and leg attacks and more!
Each body part we cover comes with a review video that works as the perfect study tool for when you’re ‘on the go’ and you want to hit some mental reps! It’s conveniently available as a DVD set or digital download that can be viewed anywhere!
Tons of Gi & No Gi moves - almost everything is translatable to submission grappling and BJJ
Enjoy clear, concise easy-to-follow instruction - Perfect for all levels. Includes the fundamentals of each attack plus advanced set-ups and details.
The BoneBreaker Instructional Chapters:
Chapter 1 - Welcome to the BoneBreaker / BoneBreaker Teaser
Chapter 2 - Americana Foundations 
Chapter 3 - Americana Side Control set up
Chapter 4 - Bicep Slicer from americana
Chapter 5 - Bicep Slicer from kimura
Chapter 6 - Bicep Slicer handcuff series
Chapter 7 - Ude Garami basics & counters 
Chapter 8 - Ude Garami from north south
Chapter 9 - Kimura from mount
Chapter 10 - Modified Ude Garami from guard
Chapter 11 - Modified Ude Garami from mount
Chapter 12 - Juji Gatami (cross arm lock) from mount 
Chapter 13 - Juji Gatami from Guard with counters
Chapter 14 - Side Control Arm Bar series (2 parts)
Chapter 15 - Twisted Sister Arm Bar
Chapter 16 - When Turtles Attack!
Chapter 17 - Turtle Review sequence 
Chapter 18 - Omoplata framework
Chapter 19 - Omoplata from Mount
Chapter 20 - Omoplata Variations from guard
Chapter 21 - Omoplata Full Review sequence 
Chapter 22 - Tekubi Waza (wrist) & side control attacks!
Chapter 23 - Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from mount
Chapter 24 - Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from the back
Chapter 25 - Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from the arm bar
Chapter 26 - Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from kimura
Chapter 27 - Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks while mounted
Chapter 28 - Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from within the guard
Chapter 29 - Ezekiel wrist lock counter
Chapter 30 - Wrist Bliss! Full Tekubi Waza review sequence
Chapter 31 - Ashi-Garami (leg) Guard Foundations
Chapter 32 - Imanari & Open Guard Leg attacks!
Chapter 33 - Calf Slicer from the half guard
Chapter 34 - Ashi-Garami (leg) full review sequence
Get BoneBreaker today and upgrade your game!
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