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Reverse Triangle Everyone In Your Academy, And Competition
Master one of the sneakiest and under utilized submissions
Catch any opponent at any level with something they can never see coming
Transform your game and attack from everywhere
Never fear having your guard passed again
Enter the wide world of triangles with coach Joel Bouhey, as he gives you a complete breakdown on the signature reverse triangle choke.
It’s time to reverse triangle the world. You can master this rarely seen, but highly effective submission hold with this technical breakdown by black belt and coach Joel Bouhey. Watch along as he breaks down how to attack, how to time it, and how to turn every position into a potential fight-ender. This is a perfect instructional for any grappler, no matter the size or rank, as Joel applies basic grappling fundamentals to his technique, instead of relying on strength or flexibility. This is a move you can hit from a huge range of positions, making it a perfect technique to always have ready to go.
Joel Bouhey is a 2nd-degree black belt and instructor at Maui Jiu Jitsu, and is a jiu jitsu originator (look for his excellent series on the falcon guard). Joel’s guard is full of traps, including his wide array of triangle chokes that he can sink in from virtually any position. Using basic movement, framing, and creating space, Joel is able to hook and entangle his partners in triangles long after his guard has been passed. This is a great position in gi, no gi, and even for MMA, so you’ll be able to rely on this move no matter what the style.
Be ready to be amazed how often you will find yourself going back to this choke. This is perfect for any fighter who wants to go for the fight-ending submission whenever they can. Even after you’ve learned this signature choke, you’ll still be finding yourself in better and better positions using these same strategies. From drills, to basics, to advanced, this is a full course on how to master this powerful choke.
This isn’t a move that is reserved for those with long and lanky legs, or the incredibly flexible. Joel will take you step by step, to show you how anyone can apply this choke and get the tap in no time. Once you have the lock mastered, you’ll find all of the positions from top and bottom that you can apply it from. This is one of the most versatile and overlooked submissions in grappling, and this knowledge can be yours.
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