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The Arm Drag Formula is a program developed by Royler Gracie black belt Rosendo Diaz.
The idea is this: first you perfect an arm drag from the guard. Get it down in a way that doesn’t require strength (Rosendo will show you how to move your hip to do this so that you can get that arm drag on even big opponents.)
Then from this position, you can open up a world of attacks, submissions, and  sweeps.
So the Arm Drag Formula is Rosendo’s method of teaching how to get to this position and then offering you several alternatives on how to follow up.
The beauty of this approach is that you DO NOT HAVE TO BE BIG TO PULL THESE MOVES OFF! They work great for smaller people.
Rosendo Diaz is a BJJ black belt under Royler Gracie and has an impressive system of arm drag attacks and a top notch BJJ trainer that has a very “down to earth” style to help the average BJJ player.
Being a smaller guy himself, his style is PERFECT for those who want to learn the stuff that really works without having to resort to strength, not to mention the fact that he has a whole system on how to pull off this cool series of attacks from the arm drag position.
Once you get this position you will be ready to launch an arsenal of different attacks: armlocks, chokes, sweeps, etc. They all can be done smoothly from this one position.
What you will learn in the Arm Drag Formula:
  How to perfect the arm drag itself so that it comes on FAST and takes no strength.
  How to use an arm drag to gain dominating back control
  How to pull off a series of slick collar chokes from this position
  How to use an arm drag to get a cool “flower sweep” with you ending up on top!
  How to use different variations of the arm drag
  How to use the arm drag to get a sweep that takes you nicely to back control
  How to use an arm drag to get arm bars
  How to use an arm drag to get your opponent in the dreaded “omoplata”
  How to use an arm drag to get a sweet single leg takedown!
  How to use arm drags to get other reversals and advanced sweeps!
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