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Learn how to safely implement leglocks into your game and learn everything from the ground up
Charles is a BJJ Globe Trotters instructor
Charles has went to over 15 countries teaching, training, and living Jiu Jitsu
Charles draws back the curtain and lets you in on all of his secrets
Gain an entirely new perspective on leglocks
Transform your entire game
Too many people are afraid of leglocks.  They think that if they start training leglocks they are going to get injured or injure their partners.  The problem with lower body attacks is that people do not know how to introduce them.  Charles is here to give you his safe curriculum and show you how to adapt lower body attacks
So Who Is Charles Harriott?
Charles is a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu under Rinaldo Santos who is part of the Carlson Gracie Lineage.  Charles is an avid martial artist who is also a black belt in Kenpo and Judo.  He is also a professional break dancer. Being a passionate student of the martial arts, Charles was fascinated by the presence and evolution of leglocks in the bjj scene and decided to devote the majority of his time to  lower body attacks. 
After spending hours upon hours and years learning leglocks, and competing in no gi competitions, he found that the biggest mistake with leglocks is that they are not taught as a curriculum.  People just learn one heel hook and one toe hold, but they never develop a safe approach to these attacks.  They fail to learn a systematic approach and this makes them dangerous.
How does he know that this is the biggest mistake people make? 
Charles decided to travel the world teaching, training and learning Jiu Jitsu and he became a BJJ Globetrotters instructor and has visited over 15 countries and trained at hundreds of academies.  Here are just some of the places he was able to teach and train:  
During his traveling he found that people were very intimidated by leglocks, and neglected the technical and systematic aspects of them.  That is why he developed his introductory leglock curriculum "Leglocks 101."
In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the most paramount parts of learning is being able to develop a systematic approach.  Think about your first few bjj classes and what you learned.  Let's take the closed guard for instance. 
In closed guard you are taught a sequence of moves so that you can chain attacks together safely.  For example, you may learn the arm bar from closed guard, if they pull their arm out, you go to a triangle, if they get their head out, maybe an omoplata.  you are learning a system.  In this system there are sub-systems and secondary options where you may be able to implement a sweep or something. 
When people are introduced to leglocks, they are not being taught systems because so many people neglect them.  Many of us go to our academy and we are randomly taught a heel hook or ankle lock from outside ashi or some other leg entanglement.  We have no idea what reactions we may get or how to safely enter these submissions. 
What is the outcome? 
Now when we are rolling, the class spaz decides to try these newly learned submissions with no control and no system and he hurts your leg.  This may have happened because you did not know the mechanics, the escape, or because he did not have a system and did not know how to properly enter and apply this attack without hurting you.
There is a HUGE difference between pressure and pain.
That is why you need a system for your lower body attacks!
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