The Modern Butterfly Guard No Gi by Jon Satava


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The Most Up To Date Video Instructional On Using The Butterfly & Single Leg X Guards To Sweep & Submit Everyone
Constantly off balance and attack from the butterfly guard, one of modern no-gi’s most important positions!
Sweep and submit with this system of attacks that will work on anyone, including people bigger, stronger, or faster!
Learn butterfly guard from one of Marcelo Garcia’s top black belts and most successful students.
Jon is a No Gi Pan Am champion (weight and absolute) and a multiple-time No Gi World finalist, and ADCC Trials champ.
The Most Up To Date Video Instructional On Using The Butterfly & Single Leg X Guards To Sweep & Submit Everyone
Marcelo Garcia Black Belt & 2019 ADCC Trials Winner Jon Satava Will Get Anyone Of Any Shape Or Age Using This Lethal Guard Effortlessly To Sweep & Submit Whether They Are On Their Knees Or Standing
What Will You Learn?
Tap into the cutting edge of butterfly guard with ADCC trials winner and Marcelo Garcia black belt Jonathan Satava’s Modern Butterfly Guard. This four-volume set is filled with sweeps, submissions, and attacks from this no-gi champ’s dangerous butterfly.
As one of Marcelo’s top students and an ADCC-level grappler, Satava is a butterfly guard master with some of the most innovative and effective combos in the competitive scene. Get all four volumes and unlock the full potential of one of no gi’s most important and powerful guards.
The butterfly guard has been exploding in popularity in the last few years, with many modern fighters realizing the power of this old school position. With sweeps, wrestling attacks, and leg lock entries, butterfly guard has become the go-to for many modern champions and people are improving and innovating from this position constantly.
Now you can get the inside details behind the best of butterfly with Jonathan Satava’s helpful guidance. With Marcelo’s help and a hugely successful competitive career (including double gold at No Gi Pan Ams and two World No Gi finals appearances), Satava has crafted a system for dealing with any threat from the butterfly.
Build your guard from the bottom up with Jon Satava’s careful instructions around the fundamentals and concepts that make this position his go-to. With this solid base, you’ll be able to retain your guard and start setting up the sweeps and submissions that Jonathan has perfected. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll get a fully built system for what to do in any situation you see from the butterfly guard and how to always stay ahead of the guard pass. All four volumes are packed with stuff a no gi grappler just can’t miss.
Using a wide toolkit of hook sweeps and hand fighting tactics, you can constantly be off-balancing people and finding the easy sweeps and submissions when the time is right. With underhooks, overhooks, two-on-ones, and more, you can combine these controls the same way that Jon does when he is competing at the highest levels for huge success. Even against bigger, stronger fighters, you’ll be able to knock them off their base and give yourself the edge every time.
Take the best of modern butterfly guard and revolutionize your no gi guard game with Jonathan Satava’s system for dominating and attacking relentlessly. Every series of this instructional series is specifically designed to maximize leverage and position, letting you win with technique instead of relying on strength or speed. Level up your no gi game and your guard at the same time with this action-packed set of butterfly guard awesomeness.
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