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Vinicius “Trator” Ferreria Is A Killer From Brazil Who Has Solved The Code To Winning At Lower Belt Levels.  Use His Recipe To Start Winning In Class & In Tournaments Now!
Bernardo Faria – Black Belt 5x World Champion
“The first time I ever trained with Vinicius Trator was 1 year and half ago (2015) , here in NYC, when he came to visit Marcelo’s school. At that time he was just 18 years old and already a super tough purple belt. Last year (2016) he came back, right after he won the Worlds as purple belt, to get ready for the Worlds No-Gi as brown belt. Vinicius with only some months as brown belt, was able to win his division in the Worlds No-Gi and also get second place in the Open Class.
I think he is probably one of the best colored belt fighters I have ever seem. He has a very basic and efficient game that almost nobody in the blue, purple and brown belt could stop. In this World of modern techniques, Vinicius plays a very solid and simple game, mixing the new techniques with the old school style.
I believe that if you are White, Blue, Purple or Brown belt this instructional is for you. And also if you are already black belt, its always good to see what the new generation is bringing for the future. I made a blog post with Vinicius to my blog and he showed to be a great instructor.”
Vinicius “Trator” Ferreria isn’t built like a body builder – he’s short and he has a little belly.  He’s friendly and happy and you’d never know he’s an elite BJJ competitor.  When he gets on the mat though, all he does is win.
He’s been a wrecking machine at blue, purple and now brown belt.  He won over 300 Gold medals and only lost about 15 times.  He may very well be the greatest lower belt – in terms of winning tournaments – in history.
How has he done it?  Well “Trator” (Portuguese for “Tractor”) has a formula.  He pulls guard and typically goes right for the Lasso – where he wraps his leg around his opponent on top’s arm.  Guys at that level don’t do well against the lasso.  He starts off in the Lasso and if his sweep or submission doesn’t work (it usually does) he moves to the Single Leg X and he always sweeps.
When he stands he knows exactly how to pass the lasso, the De La Riva Guard and how to submit…  It’s as easy as that.
Think about it for a second... If you are trying to win at the lower belt levels you should be training moves that the other lower belts aren’t very good at defending on offense as well as defending the moves they are trying on you.  This has been the key to Trator’s game.  Know where they are weak on defense and what they will try to attack with you with on offense.
Once you have learned the formula your results will change…
“I met Vinicius (Trator) some time ago when he arrived at the Alliance. I quickly noticed that he had a very interesting Jiu-Jitsu game that was very efficient, simple and direct. In my opinion, it is one of the best examples of how jiu-jitsu should be in the colored belts. Many athletes have a baseline game that will be inefficient in the next levels, Vinicius focuses on techniques that are extremely efficient now and will be the basis for continued development at the highest level. It is also important to emphasize his ability to share knowledge and teach. I learned a lot from him and added to my game many techniques I got from him.”
Luiz Nunes, Black Belt – under Fabio Gurgel
“I met Trator (Vinicius) when I moved to Alliance SP and since the beginning he became an inspiration for me since he had won over 200 titles before he turned 19 and also because everyone used to say I kind of looked like him. As time went by, we became good friends and his personality, skill and devotion to Jiu Jitsu never seized to amaze me. There are few if any that share Trator’s talent and will to be the best in everything that he does, and this mentality has taken him to the top of the podium countless times in most of the world’s hardest tournaments in all belts he’s competed at. After training with him on a daily basis and watching him become both a gi (purple belt) and no gi (purple and brown belt) world champion, I am convinced that Trator will be one of the best in all belts he competes at. He is and will always be a brother, teacher, mentor and an inspiration for me.”
Pedro Hannud – Blue Belt – Alliance Sao Paulo
“I was very excited to hear that Trator was putting out a DVD! Having trained with him at Marcelo Garcia’s academy, Trator quickly coached me through some setups and chained-sequences that I’ve been using to great success at open mat. While the foundation of his jujutsu is easy to grasp and perform, what I like most is how it lends itself to further development; adding his techniques to my repertoire is not only resulting in my individual game becoming more effective, but also a game that continues to grow broader and deeper. I very much look forward to seeing what will be taught on this DVD, and how it can accelerate my growth as a student!”
John Lee Kovenklioglu – White Belt From Marcelo Garcia’s Academy
1. Setting up the Lasso
2. Tractor Tip From Lasso
3. Tractor Tip From Butterfly Lasso
4. Omaplata From Lasso
5. Triangle From Lasso
6. Flying Sweep From Lasso
7. Armbar Finish To Flying Sweep
8. Backtake From Lasso
9. Sit Up Guard To Single Leg X Guard and Sweep
10. Sit Up Guard Tip
11. Sit Up Guard To Single Leg X Guard and Sweep
12. Sit Up Guard To Single Leg X With Rebound Sweep
13. Sit Up Guard To Single Leg X To Back Take
14. Sit Up Guard To Single Leg X To Technical Stand Up Sweep
15. Sit Up Guard To Single Leg X To X Guard Sweep
1. Lasso Smash Pass
2. Passing the Lasso Side Wrist roll
3. Weave Pass From Lasso to Side Control
4. Weave Pass To Mount
5. Backstep passing the Single Leg X
6. Passing the Single Leg X to Mount
7. Passing the Single Lex X to Armbar
8. Leg Drag pass From Single Leg X
9. Longstep Passing The Situp Guard
10. Knee Slice Passing The Situp Guard
11. Collar Grip Knee Slice Pass On Situp Guard to Armbar
12. Backstep Pass on Lapel Half Guard
13. Trator Necktie on Turtle
14. Backstep pass on De La Riva Guard
15. Lapel Guard Pass
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