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Learn The Secrets Of A Sakuraba Obsessed Judo Black Belt, Catch Wrestler, and BJJ Practitioner Who Has Won Over 50 Grappling Matches By Kimura
After An Injury Put A Halt To His Olympic Judo Aspirations, Harry Grech Started His Catch Wrestling Journey By Watching Sakuraba
He Worked Tirelessly To Base His Whole Game Around The Kimura And It Paid Off
Kimura Logic is a practical approach on how to base your game around this coveted position
Nothing fancy here, just simple and effective techniques to help you see Kimura's EVERYWHERE
Transform your game
Learn The Kimura Secrets Of Australia's Most Feared Catch Wrestler - Who Is Also A High Level Judo Black Belt Who Has Won Over 50 Grappling Matches By Kimura
"Harry Kimura Grech" Is A Legend Down Under & He Wants To Help You Turn This Into A Go To Move
Kimura Logic is a practical approach on how to base your game around this coveted position.  Nothing fancy here, just simple and effective techniques to help you see Kimura's EVERYWHERE.
Harry Grech has an interesting story, from Australia, he was working his way to make the Olympics in Judo when a devastating foot injury put a sudden halt to his dreams. 
Instead of accept defeat, as soon as Harry could train he looked for the next step in his journey by booking a trip to Thailand to train. 
He packed his gi to do some Jiu Jitsu but quickly realized people trained no gi due to the heat.  While training no gi he realized that he could implement his world class Judo even without a gi and loved it.  On his return to Australia he sought out a small catch wrestling gym because of his fascination with the legend, Sakuraba. 
Within one session Harry now knew his new goal.  He was hooked by the unorthodox nature of catch, the teaching methodologies, techniques, and everything about it.  He knew that his fascination with Sakuraba would shape his game, he took the Kimura submission and developed an entire no gi grappling game around it. 
How can someone shape their entire game around a submission?  
Easy, the kimura is much more than a submission, it is a position.  There is a common misconception with the kimura that it is solely a submission, the kimura can be used from bottom to sweep, from top to pass, from bottom to recover, from top to advance, as a transition between submissions and more. 
The possibilities with this grip are virtually endless.  Harry has sepnt hours doing the research for you.  He has discovered the kimura from places people would never think to, he has unique finishing tactics from this position that make it nearly impossible to stop once the grip is achieved. 
You see, when someone as talented as Harry has a goal to shape their style around one thing, they start to see things others don't.  Harry knows that he can use the kimura grip from bottom or top and that he can link a multitude of other submissions from it. 
With all of the time and research that Harry has contributed to learning the kimura he has developed a system with it. 
Harry has used the kimura to finish countless matches.  He has an extensive amount of knowledge in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Catch.  The combination of these grappling arts has led him to thinking outside the box. 
This is a no nonsense instructional series from one of Australias best no gi grapplers.  If you are looking for some fancy rolling kimuras and crazy set ups, this is not for you. 
If you are looking for simple and effective kimura entries, set ups, and finishes, this is for you.   Harry has an unorthodox approach to this position from his background in catch wrestling.   There is just something about catch wrestlers that makes their techniques work, painfully. 
The Kimura name in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu actually derives from the legendary match between Helio Gracie and Masahiko Kimura.  In catch wrestling it has been referred to as "the double wrist lock" for over 100 years and in Judo it is the  "gyaku ude-garami." 
This is a position that has been around for a century at minimum and there is good reason it has maintained popularity and relevance.  Catch wrestlers have been utilizing the double wrist lock for years and they have a different approach to it.  
In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu our knowledge on the "kimura" is rudimentary.  In catch they just know the position better.  The "double wrist lock" is a pivotal part of many famous catch wrestlers like Neil Melanson, Josh Barnett and now, Harry Grech. 
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