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Master The 10th Planet Kimura System - The 10th Planet Specialty That Requires Zero Flexibility To Work From Top Or Bottom
Learn how you can control and tap people with the kimura from BJJ Fanatics Invitational Champion & 10th Planet Instructor Kyle Boehm
Kyle shows all of his favorite ways to get the kimura, and what he does when he’s there to finish fights at the elite level
Kyle is the winner of the BJJ Fanatics Invitational brown and black belt tournaments
With innovative and creative entries from top, bottom, and standing, find your way to some of 10th-Planet’s best positions
Learn the rock-solid 10th-Planet kimura system from Eddie Bravo black belt and instructor Kyle Boehm, the winner of the inaugural BJJ Fanatics submission-only tournament. Attack the tap and lock them down with these out of this world combinations and finishes to all of 10th-Planet’s signature positions. Kyle shows all of his favorite ways to get the kimura, and what he does when he’s there to finish fights at the elite level. Now you can use one of grappling’s most important holds with the secrets from 10th Planet, from two-time BJJ Fanatics champion Kyle Boehm.
Kyle Boehm put himself on the map with a big win at the submission-only open weight tournament that we held, beating some super tough fighters to bring home the gold. Then, he got promoted to black belt and won our black belt tournament too!!! In a bracket with great fighters like Hulk Barbosa, Nicky Rod, and more, Kyle emerged as the champion. What impressed everyone the most as not just how aggressive Kyle was about looking for submissions, but also how technical he was in all of his positions and escapes. Now, you can learn his specialties, including the killer double wrist lock kimura series that is his best stuff.
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