Sub and Surf Bali 2017 by Henry Akins


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Sub and Surf Bali 2017 by Henry Akins
Finally, LIVE from Bali, Indonesia, Henry Akins reveals some of the most closely guarded secrets of Hidden Jiu-Jitsu! PLUS: 10 Brand New Videos of Henry rolling with students, narrating and breaking down step-by-step, how to use these Hidden Jiu-Jitsu techniques in action!
133 New Videos + 10 New Videos of Henry Akins rolling live with students, demonstrating how to use Hidden Jiu-Jitsu in action! 
This is some of the best footage we've ever shot. 
Here's why: 
If you've been following Hidden Jiu-Jitsu for any length of time, you know for the past couple years, I've been doing Sub n' Surf camps in exotic locations all around the world. 
The footage in this seminar was shot in Bali in 2017.
And we did things a little different this time. 
The first thing you may notice is, we had much better filming equipment this time around. 
Thanks to my friend and Emmy-award winning camera man Robert Penzel (whose work you might recognize from The Discovery Channel's "Fight Science" series)...
The videos are all super clear, high-definition, and the angles we were able to get from a lot of the Questions and Answer videos, plus the videos of me rolling with the students, it was all simply better than the footage from the camps we did in the past. 
Also, the engagement for the Questions and Answers was simply off the charts. 
You can actually see the light bulbs going off in people's brains, and everyone's smiling when they "get it". 
Even if to get it, they had to tap to crushing pressure, haha. 
There are 133 videos in this course, not even counting the 10 rolling videos, and ALL of these videos are hyper-focused on only 5 topics.
And this is easily the most comprehensive footage I've ever filmed on guard passing. 
Here are the details: 
#1: Clinching, takedowns and self-defense.
#2: Submission defenses and escapes. 
#3: Mount escapes. 
#4: Guard passing.
#5: Crosside. 
BONUS: Henry Q & A!
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