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Draculino: Effective Old School Guards to Neutralize New School Passes
Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes is a true OG of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, growing up amongst the likes of Ryan, Renzo and Ralph Gracie as training partners
Draculino is a 6th degree black belt under Master Carlos Gracie, Jr. and was the first instructor to open a Gracie Barra Academy outside of Rio de Janeiro
Draculino has spent the last 30 years making those original techniques created on the mats of Gracie Barra better and testing them over and over against all of the latest fads
Draculino is going to teach you more about Closed Guard and De La Riva Guard in this series than today’s new guard practitioners can ever begin to handle
Become more dangerous from everywhere
Draculino is a legendary coach having helped developed the careers of people like Romulo Barral and Lucas Valente to just name a few. He has promoted well over 100 black belts in this time. He was one of the first competitors to successfully utilize spider guard in competition. His skills have been forged on the training mats with the likes of Jean Jacques Machado, Renzo, Ryan and Ralph Gracie and Carlos Gracie, Jr.
He has worked hard to hone the old school techniques he developed on those legendary mats against all of the newest passing styles. You will learn to get the fight to the mat and how to deal with all of those pesky new school passes that you’ve never been able to stop before.
This four volume series is going to be a deep dive in the most effective old school guard styles against every style of passing style. Beginning with an extensive look at closed guard and all of his favorite and most effective sweeps and submissions, Draculino is going to give you everything you need to put the brakes on the opponent’s passing game.
Volume 1 will focus primarily on all of Draculino’s favorite submissions from his deadly closed guard. After a detailed breakdown of his posture and distance management principles, he jumps right into some killer submissions.
In Volume 2, Draculino continues to build your submission game and then goes into the most effective sweeps from closed guard that are guaranteed to keep your opponents struggling to stay upright the entire match.
Volume 3 and Volume 4 is all about De La Riva guard and the techniques that have stopped thousands of guard passes at the highest levels for the last three decades. De La Riva guard was one of the first open guard styles used effectively in competition and Draculino was there in the beginning and is sharing only the moves that work everytime.
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