Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Berimbolos, Crab Rides and Rolling Backtakes by Matt Kwan and Stephan Kesting


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Modern Jiu-Jitsu is formatted to give you a step by step breakdown of every technique, tactic and combination, as well as give you a powerful analytical framework to get you good at these moves as fast as possible.
Modern Jiu-Jitsu is a 4 volume instructional by BJJ black belts Matt Kwan and Stephan Kesting giving you a step-by-step gameplan for these new approaches to BJJ.
Matt Kwan is a BJJ black belt, cofounder of On Guard BJJ, and the creator of the Modern Jiu-Jitsu instructional.
He combines the depth of knowledge, real-world competition experience, and ability to teach that I want in my instructionals.
Matt has been competing in BJJ for more than 9 years, most notably winning gold in a number of expert divisions both with and without the gi.
Together with his coach, Rob Biernacki, he went deep into the berimbolo and crab ride game for years.  They combined intensive research, competition analysis, and experimentation with techniques and strategies learned from some of the best instructors and competitors around the country.
This instructional is the result of all that research and field testing!
Matt  has traveled to learn from and train with Caio Terra, Ruben ‘Cobrinha’ Charles, Yuri Simoes, Rob Biernacki, Ben Dyson, Keenan Cornelius, Tom DeBlass, Gary Tonnon, and others. Additionally other instructors often seek HIM out to teach seminars and private classes on cutting edge BJJ information.
As a teacher he’s passionate about using  sports science, biomechanics, kinesiology and a conceptual approach in his approach to teaching. His success as a teacher is reflected by the fact that his students get better FAST!
Volume 1: Concepts, Grips & Solo Drills
Volume 2: Berimbolo Entries, Controls & Finishes
Volume 3: Crab Rides, Controlling the Back & Partner Drills
Volume 4: Transitions, Defenses & Rolling Backtakes
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