Scientific Wrist Destruction by Jamico Elder


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Learn The Nastiest Wrist Locks We've Ever Seen From A Harvard Educated Genius 
Trained Black Belt Who Mastered Breaking Wrists On LA's Toughest Streets.
When you first meet Jamico Elder you might think he's the type of guy who runs science programs for inner city students- and you'd be right. He has 4 young children and one in the oven, he wears glasses, he'sHarvard educated and you certainly wouldn't think he's one of the mostsavage grapplers in the world – but that's where you'd be wrong. 
His martial arts background is a bit mysterious- we know he studied a lot of Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu (which practices a lot of stand up Jiu Jitsu). Then he started studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and received his blue belt under Master Carlos "Caique" Elias and his sons, Pedro andTomas.  After that he trained under world famous Instructor and Dirty Dozen Member Chris Haueter -and got a black belt in a lightning fast 6 years.
Now most modern day martial artists roll their eyes at classical styles thinking defending grabs wouldn't be practical in MMA. There is something to that for MMA specifically - but do you know where people do a lot of grabbing? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!
So What Is On This Scientific Wrist Destruction? 
- Law of Opposing Thumbs 
- Grip Breaking 
- First Wristlock 
- Attacks After Grip Break 
-Live Drilling with Pablo 
- Attacking A Non Grabbing Wrist 
- Attacking A Non Grabbing Wrist opposite arm wristlocks, Armdrag counters, throws from wristlock 
-Wristlock on Guy Doing Back Choke 
– Wristlocks From Side Control 
– Wristlocks From Inside The Opponent’s Guard 
– Wristlocks From Inside Of Your Guard 
– Wristlocks From Mount 
– Wristlocks From Under Mount 
– standing Kimura Wristlocks 
– Technique 1 From Sanuces Ryu 
– Review (Some good highlights) 
– Spider Web Armbar Wristlocks 
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