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The Greatest Spider Guard Player In History: 36 Year Old Romulo Barral Shows All Of The Tricks, Hacks & Techniques That Allow Him To Dominate Bigger, Stronger, Faster & Much Younger Guys With This Unstoppable Guard
Romulo Barral is a 5x IBJJF Black Belt World Champion
f You Struggle With Sweeps, Submissions or Even Retaining Your Guard: Spider Guard Will Feel Like Cheating When You Learn Romulo’s Recipe
Romulo draws back the curtain and lets you in on all of his secrets
Gain an entirely new perspective on playing guard
Transform your entire game
The Spider Guard is one of the most under utilized guards by guys over 30, but it shouldn’t be… It should actually be your main guard.  Romulo is here to give you a road map to developing a nearly impassable guard.
The spider guard can be a basic position to stay safe and set traps, but it can also be a really dynamic and versatile guard! Against better and better fighters, they will see the most common sweeps coming and will shut everything down, moving as little as possible so they don’t make any mistakes. Thanks to Romulo’s experience and teaching passion, you don’t have to stop attacking there! By adding in De La Riva and reverse De La Riva hooks, you can attack in all new ways, dominating an opponent’s sleeves and legs all at once so that YOU control their base.
Anytime you are in guard, you want to be under your opponent, so you can control their weight and move their base around. Learn the way to get under people’s hips and add a single leg x and x guard threat to any spider guard setup! If you can get them moving, there are a ton of great attacks, including an “around the world” sweep that lets you swing into action with a lot of variations and finishes.
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