Dirty Darcing by Jeff Glover


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Submit from anywhere with these weird chokes made up by the innovative and creative ADCC medalist Jeff Glover.
Learn the best ways to lock up and finish the darce choke with Jeff’s special variations, including the darce, the marce, and the farce.
Now, you can learn this crazy style (and why it really works) from the man who proved it himself, Jeff Glover.
Now is your chance to learn these moves that he invented and perfected himself, so you can add them to your game and surprise your next training partner.
With entries into these air-tight submissions from top, bottom, standing, even from other submissions, you’ll be finishing more people faster than ever, without burning out your arms squeezing.
Become more dangerous from everywhere
What Exactly Is On This Series?
Part 1:
Palm Deep & Short Arm/Forearm Darce
Top Darce
Front Head Lock
Top Side Mount
North South
Top Half
Knee Shield
Part 2:
Triangle To Darce
Darce To Triangle
Monoplata D'Arce
Mad Darce
Failed Heisman
Part 3:
Bottom Darce
Sit Out To Darce
Fly Trap
Ushi-bla-bla-toshi To Darce
Knee Bar Escape
Arm Drag
Single Leg Darce
Top Side
Top Mount
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Rilis 2018
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