The Guard Retention Formula with Rory Van Vliet and Stephan Kesting


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Guard Retention is the Single Most Important Skill in BJJ.
The guard is the defining position of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Anyone can win a fight from the top position but if you end up on the bottom then your guard is the only thing that’s going to save you.
But if someone passes your guard then you can’t sweep them. If someone passes your guard then you can’t submit them.  And if someone passes your guard then you can’t defend against strikes.
So having an unpassable guard is the most important thing you can develop in your jiu-jitsu game!
To help you make your guard much harder to pass I’m currently in the final stages of editing The Guard Retention Formula with BJJ black belt Rory Van Vliet.
In this conceptually grounded instructional you’ll get step-by-step methods to stop all of the most common and most powerful guard passes, including the knee cut, toreando, smash pass, over-under, leg drag, double unders, and more.
It’s incredibly extensive and gives you everything you need for gi, no gi, MMA and self defense applications.
What Exactly Are You Getting in the Guard Retention Formula?
The Guard Retention Formula is logically laid out so that the material is as easy to learn and add to your game as possible.
First Rory and I give you the most important Guard Retention Concepts.  This sets the stage for all the subsequent material and makes sure that you’re using the right technique at the right time in the most biomechanically efficient manner.
Then you’ll learn the guard retention movements as a series of Solo Movements and Drills. You can use these movements as warmup exercises and also as a troubleshooting tool if you’re having problems with any of the other material.
Then we dive into specific counters for all the most common guard passing techniques. This is a TON of material but it’s organised by range and by guard pass so you can find the exact technique you need to counter that one annoying guy who always hits you with the guard passing technique.
We start with sitting guard – the longest range guard – and give you everything you need to stop your opponent from using either mobility-based or pressure-based passing.
Then we proceed though the ranges of guard, from furthest to closest, teach you the most efficient ways to do the guard passes themselves, and then give you the exact steps to counter every pass you’re likely to encounter at each range.
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