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Time to Develop an Entirely New Perspective On Having An Aggressive And Effective Closed Guard
Thomas Lisboa Was One Of The Main Instructors At The World Renowned Alliance Sao Paulo, And An Instructor At Alliance Marcelo Garcia NYC
He Is A Technical Genius. See Why The Best Academies In The World Wanted Him Teaching There
Increase your submission percentage, master a whole new position, and find new and innovative ways to attack from the closed guard
Develop a dynamic and devastatingtly effective closed guard
Thomas Lisboa is a Brown Belt World Champion in the light feather division and he has been utilizing the closed guard to defeat bigger and stronger opponents for his entire career.
This new instructional will take you beyond the basics of attacking from the closed guard and help you develop a dynamic and dangerous closed guard that works in your academy and in the competition.
Thomas Lisboa's closed guard is battle tested and proven, he has a system from A-Z and he is here to walk you through it.  You will learn how to achieve the position.  As you progress and go against better and more formidable opponents it becomes increasingly difficult to even attain closed guard, Thomas is going to help you get there.
After Thomas has helped you get into the position he is going to show you attacks that you have never seen from a world class perspective.  He is going to help you learn moves and techniques that do not rely on strength, athleticism, or youth.  
Thomas is going to show you how to develop a dynamic and easy to implement closed guard.  You are going to sharpen your closed guard and finally become a terror for your opponents. Thomas will show you pendulum sweeps, scissor sweeps, brabo chokes, arm bars, gogoplata, omoplata, triangle, arm lock, kimura, elevator sweeps, roleta sweeps and MORE!
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