Everyday Half Guard Destruction By Jason Hunt


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This four volume series is going to give you more tools to deal with the dreaded Half Guard of your opponents and training partners.
Half Guard is one of the most popular guards out there today because EVERYONE can do it and everyone is getting better at it.
In Everyday Half Guard Destruction, you are going to get hours of NEW details on how to NULLIFY your opponent’s half guard
Half Guard has gone from being a HAIL MARY position to prevent the guard pass, to everyone’s favorite position
This four volume series is going to cover the most effective passes against half guard
What Will You Learn?
Volume One of this series is going to be a deep dive into the Toreando Pass that is going to show you details you’ve never seen before.  Jason Hunt is going to deconstruct the Toreando and make your opponents powerless against the pass.
In Volume Two of this series, Jason Hunt is going to revolutionize your use of the Leg Weave Pass.  Their knee shields and butterfly hooks will be powerless against these techniques.
In Volumes Three and Four, Jason is going to continue to expand on your passing knowledge, specifically as it pertains to half guard.  He’s going to show you that even though you thought you were being offensive, you were actually on the defense and how to fix it immediately! 
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