Bulletproof For BJJ by Joe Worthington and James Tomlinson


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Stop Feeling Sore, Tired, And Injured And Start Being Preventative With Your Injuries. It's Time To Become Bulletproof For BJJ!
Get grappling-specific exercise routines to build mobility, strength, grip, and core, with or without a gym
This system was designed by BJJ brown and black belts and professional fitness gurus Joe Worthington and James Tomlinson
Get different exercises, sets, reps, and more to keep your workouts fresh and dynamic
Get a variety of specifically designed warm-up and cool-down routines to get the most out of every class and stay injury-free.
Build your body for the rigors of BJJ with Bulletproof for BJJ, a comprehensive workout plan from grappling fitness gurus and BJJ practitioners Joe Worthington & James Tomlinson.
Over four-volumes, you will get their complete system for creating next-level strength and mobility in regular athletes, all while keeping people injury-free and healthy on the mats. Get stronger, roll better, and do it with less aches and pains as you find the way to a more fit you with these easy-to-follow workout plans.
Designed by BJJ brown and black belts, this program is specifically created by Joe and James to benefit the jiu-jitsu athlete. Grappling is unlike any other sport in the world, so why waste your time with other workouts when you can create the body you need to be a beast on the mats right here?
Benefit from their years of study and in-the-field experience with clear, detailed instruction on how every exercise is performed, so you can get the most out of every workout.
Joe Worthington and James Tomlinson designed these courses to be easily digestible for the grapplers of the world, so you can get stronger and healthier without cutting into your mat time.
With programs you can do in a gym with some simple equipment, and ones you can do at home with only your body and your work ethic, with anywhere from 1-4 workouts a week, this is a system that is suitable for any level of BJJ athlete - from total beginners to experienced competitors. Also included is a can’t-miss mobility program with warm-up and cool-down programs you can use to supercharge your training every time you hit the mats.
Get the same exercises that BJJ practitioners and fitness fanatics Joe Worthington and James Tomlinson use themselves and run their athletes through.
Every circuit is explained in critical detail, going through the safest and most effective ways to hit any movement for maximum impact. Go into every workout armed with the knowledge that you are doing the best you can to build the best BJJ athlete you can be.
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