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Escape Not Only The Worst Positions Possible - But Also Launch Brutal Counter Attacks Before Your Opponent Can Recover
The Gringo Wizard - Masters World Champ Jake Mackenzie- One Of Our Most Popular Instructors- Is Back With More Magic
Get out of trouble and get back on the attack with this new 3-volume collection of counters, reversals, and escapes from one of the toughest black belts in Rio, Jake Mackenzie
Jake is one of our most in-demand instructors and now you can see how to deals with some of the toughest problems in all of jiu-jitsu
Turn their attacks into your sweeps and submissions and stay one step ahead of the rest
Counter and escape from deep trouble with confidence and technique. Jake starts with his back controlled, even from crucifixes and straight jackets, and explains step-by-step how to get out and right back into a good position or attack.
From there, he moves to mount, working through how to avoid those chokes and armbars and countering with your own attacks. Your training partners are going to hate going from a good position to losing the fight after you see Jake’s killer counters!
Jake is one of our favorite instructors here at BJJ Fanatics, for his depth of knowledge and his ability to break things down to their base concepts and fundamentals. Jake himself is a fierce competitor, as a Brazilian National Champion, Masters World Champion, and a multiple-time world medalist. He wasn’t always the BJJ champion he is today though! Once he was just a skinny, young Canadian kid in Brazil, forced to sink or swim on the mats.
Over the years, with an intense focus on using technique to overcome size and strength, Jake has developed into one of the most precise black belts in all of Brazil and is one of the most sought-after instructors in Rio.
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