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THE ROAD TO BLACK BELT by Tom DeBlass will give you MINDSET tools that you may have never believed possible.
3X ADCC Trials Champion Tom DeBlass will get your MIND right for COMPETITION
The COACH and INSTRUCTOR of Garry Tonon shows you how to develop a BLACK BELT MINDSET.
Have one of the most revered AMERICAN black belts keep you coming back after those hard TRAINING sessions
Nearly THREE HOURS of STRAIGHT TALK about injuries, competing, relationships, and MANY MORE TOPICS guaranteed to make THE ROAD TO BLACK BELT easier to travel.
Tom DeBlass is one of the most respected American grapplers on the planet.  If you TRAIN BJJ and don’t know who Tom DeBlass is, you must be living under a rock!  He has spent the better part of the last TWO DECADES competing at the ELITE LEVEL in both grappling and MMA.  
The funny thing is that Tom DeBlass  is more LOVED for his straight talk and motivational posts than anything he’s ever accomplished on the mats.  The internet is filled with world class grappling techniques, but what has always been missing is world class MINDSET information.  UNTIL NOW! All the great techniques in the world won’t help you if your MINDSET is not where it needs to be.
BJJ practitioners all over the WORLD flock to Tom DeBlass’ seminars not just for the high level techniques that he has tested in battle for years, but just as much for how MOTIVATED and FIRED UP he can make them. All you need is one of Tom’s short videos on social media and you’ll be ready to run headfirst through a wall.
Tom DeBlass discovered jiu jitsu at a time in his life when he needed something to channel his energy and aggression. Initially attracted by the physicality of the art, what truly kept him TRAINING and COMPETING was the impact jiu jitsu had on his mind. Through the strengthening of his MINDSET, he became one of the most successful American grapplers and also fought at the ELITE LEVEL of MMA for the UFC and Bellator.
In addition to his own career, he has been INSTRUMENTAL in developing the technique and MINDSET of grappling champions and now MMA stars like his first BLACK BELT Garry Tonon. The MINDSET advice from Tom DeBlass that developed Garry Tonon has also trickled down to the likes of GORDON RYAN. You know. THE KING.
How do you deal with TRAINING PLATEAUS? What happens if you suffer an INJURY that keeps you off the mats? How do you figure out if you should COMPETE? How is the MINDSET of a BLUE BELT different from PURPLE BELT? Are there any resources for BALANCING jiu jitsu and LIFE? There weren’t. Until Now!
The ROAD TO BLACK belt is long and UNTIL NOW no one has put together a resource to help get our MINDSETS in check. THE ROAD TO BLACK BELT will do just that. Tom DeBlass has said that “It isn’t our technique that gets us to BLACK BELT. It is our MINDS.” Let him help you develop the black belt MINDSET.
THE ROAD TO BLACK BELT is a 4 DVD Instructional that includes an Ebook to compliment the videos, as well as audio files that you can easily listen to on your daily commute or before that competition, or after that tough training session to get your MIND right.
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