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Disover the secrets to one of the most battle tested guards there is
Develop a guard that gives all of your training partners a tough time
Master one of the most versatile and effective guards there is
Never have your guard passed again in training or competition
Master techniques that are easy to learn and even easier to implement
Great teaching and easy for anyone of any skill level, athletic level, age, or gender to learn
Even still, so many people make huge mistakes in their butterfly guard attacks, and their guards suffer as a result. The opposite is also true, time after time you can get slowed down and stopped when trying to pass a good butterfly guard. Now, Cesar Casamajo is here to share all of his knowledge in unlocking the butterfly guard’s full potential, and in passing consistently from top.
Cesar Casamajo is a black belt under Aldo Caveirinha, an instructor at Caveirinha Jiu-Jitsu in Hawaii, and an experienced competitor, with multiple IBJJF medals (including a Brazilian Nationals championship). Cesar brings an innovative perspective to his grappling, especially when fighting from his butterfly guard. While so many people are working with the same few standard grips and sweeps, Cesar has opened up the game with new entries and finishes to classic positions that he can use to surprise even the best.
When it’s done right, butterfly guard has some of the most potential of any guard in sport BJJ, MMA, or self defense. It’s a great example of the philosophy of using leverage and momentum to control and defeat larger opponents, and it remains a favorite at any level of competition. For those who know how to really manage an opponent’s weight, and leverage into their own attacks, it becomes effortless to play guard.
This instructional set from Cesar is a full-service encyclopedia for the butterfly guard, bringing you from the most basic positional awareness, to how to sweep and attack in any situation, and then getting into how to pass and control from top against butterfly! This is a crash course in mastering one of the most common positional battles in BJJ, and Cesar is here to unlock those secrets for you. With his clear, technical instructions, you have sweep after sweep at your disposal, one for any reaction or defense from the passer.
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