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Fine-Tune The Fundamentals Of The De La Riva With Danny Stolfi!
The De La Riva is EASILY one of the most versatile positions in Jiu-Jitsu, and Danny Stolfi has the blueprint for you to follow. All the way to the top of the podium!
Back takes, Guard Pulls, Sweeps, and Submissions…..OH MY!
Why learn some flashy techniques off the internet when you can get a comprehensive BREAKDOWN of Danny’s De La Riva system.
Stolfi uncovers the untold tactics used at the highest levels of competition in De La Riva Fundamentals!
The De La Riva is easily one of the most versatile positions in Jiu-Jitsu. Often times guard passers become completely defensive once it is locked on. While the DLR is one of the most utilized guards in elite BJJ competition, very few know how to fully exploit this position to its full potential. Thanks to Danny Stolfi, Mendes Bros Black Belt, you will get to see the De La Riva at its maximal effectiveness.
De La Riva Fundamentals provides more than a few flashy techniques that you can only pull off against a willing partner. Instead Danny takes you on a DLR vision quest. With DLR Fundamentals you get a game plan that revolves around the De La Riva. You will be able to slap hands and use the De La Riva from start to finish.
Stolfi shows you how to pull guard directly into De La Riva. With this strategy you can get to work immediately. A major difference in Stolfi’s approach is his tempo pushing style. You will learn how to constantly keep your opponent on defense while you are attacking with sweeps, backtakes and submissions. Stolfi shows you how to connect the necessary dots to have a systematic approach to stifling even the most agile of guard passers.
The Baby Bolo, Matrix, and Kiss Of The Dragon back takes are all broken down to granular detail in De La Riva Fundamentals. Without proper instruction it’s basically impossible to utilize these ultimate back takes. Danny shows you the what, how, and why with each of them! Take the back and finish the fight with De La Riva Fundamentals!
So What Do You Get?
Part 1:
Pulling DLR Guard w/ Collar and Sleeve 
Pulling DLR Guard w/ Collar and Sleeve and Leg Swing
Quick Sitting Guard Pull to Re-Pull to DLR 
Quick Sitting Guard Pull w/ shoulder grips
Part 2:
Maintaining Collar And Sleeve Concepts
Maintaining DLR Guard when opponent closes the space 
Regaining DLR against Knee Slice 
Regaining DLR when opponent pressures in 
DLR Fowards Off-balancing drill to set up attacks 
DLR backwards Off-balancing drills to set up attacks 
DLR forwards and backwards Off-balancing drills to set up attacks
Part 3:
DLR “1970s” Sweep 
DLR Hips On The Mat Sweep 
DLR Overhead Sweep 
DLR Side Sweep 
DLR Sit Up Single 
DLR Collar and Sleeve Triangle 
DLR forward off balance to triangle 
DLR Hips on the Mat Triangle
Part 4:
Baby bolo back take 
Basic Berimbolo back take 
Waiter Guard Back Take 
Kiss Of The Dragon Back Take 
Matrix Back Take 
Top Shelf Back Take
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