Passing To Side And Back Control by William Tackett


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Take years off your GUARD PASSING learning curve with this Checkmat superstar’s HEAD FIRST approach to passing.
These tricks and principles are the EXPRESS WAY to the most DOMINANT positions in BJJ
Proactively STAPLE the opponent to the ground and EASILY move through ANY guard they throw in front of you.
Don’t WASTE TIME trying to PASS—Bust through with EASE and save your energy for the SUBMISSION!
PASSING THE GUARD is EASILY the hardest part of Jiu Jitsu. How much time have you spent stuck there? Ever been so exhausted that you accept being stuck as normal? No more! William Tackett has all of the tricks and concepts to FAST FORWARD the guard pass and get you where you want to go—FASTER and EASIER.
Get to the BACK easier than you’ve ever thought possible. William Tackett brings a virtual POLE VAULT of information to get you over whatever guard they throw at you. Save more of your precious energy for the FINISH! Frustrate even the best guard players.
So What's On This Series?
This four volume series is like jumping on the FREEWAY to Back Control or Side Control. Don’t waste time fighting their hands, frames and legs when William Tackett’s SECRETS can UNLOCK your opponent’s guard game with SURPRISING ease.
Frustrate the best guard players at your gym with the RECORD SETTING pace you set getting to the BACK or SIDE CONTROL with these easy-to-apply techniques.
What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Guard Passing Principles
Attacking Seated Butterfly Guard 
Attacking Butterfly With Opponent Laying Down
Attacking Butterfly To Backtake 
Attacking Butterfly To Backtake When Opponenet Sits Up 
Attacking Butterfly To Backtake Reaction 
Basic Backtake Reaction 1 
Backtake Reaction 2 
Backtake Reaction 3
Part 2:
Passing Seated Guard No Reaction
Attacking Half Guard 
Knee Slice from Half Guard
Half Guard Smash 
Half Guard Smash Reaction
Part 3:
Half Guard Smash with Hip Switch 
Tripod Pass from Half Guard 
Backtake from Side Control 
Head and Arm Option from Side Control Backtake 
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