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Luiz Panza provides the roadmap to getting UN-STUCK!
Finally you can find a way OUT of Jiu-Jitsu’s toughest positions.
Don’t just survive…..TURN THE TABLES with Panza’s unique and unorthodox approach to today’s modern game.
Spin underneath your opponent and use unique methods to take the back like the Stingray Tail!
Getting Un-Stuck gives you the tools to handle Jiu-Jitsu’s most pressure packed positions
Lay Tricks and Traps around every corner with Luiz Panza, No-Gi World Champ!
Getting Un-Stuck is a 4-part series that dives deep on Reverse De La Riva, 50/50, Back Attacks, and MORE! Luiz Panza is one of the most decorated athletes in Jiu-Jitsu today. Along with competition credentials Luiz brings a relentless attacking style to the mats that catches even the most seasoned athletes off-guard. So how does he do it?
Luiz is always finding a way to create advantageous situations. Small adjustments and incremental movements can lead to BIG results. Getting Un-Stuck shows you how to create these advantageous circumstances for yourself. To utilize Luiz’s unique approach you don’t have to be overly flexible or strong, all you need to do is tune in and train!
A major theme in Getting Un-Stuck utilizing every part of your body to create openings and opportunities to attack. Whether it is a footlock, sweep, or backtake Panza will show you the what, how, and why of every technique he covers. If you know exactly how each part of your body should be reacting you can maximize your combat effectiveness! When your entire body is utilized it’s amazing the space you can create.
As an added bonus you will get to see Luiz’s methods of dealing with Jiu-Jitsu’s trickiest guards. Being stuck doesn’t always involve being on the bottom. Today’s modern guards can feel like being trapped in quicksand. Thankfully, Luiz has the formula that will help you navigate those murky waters and find a way to secure the pass!
So What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Pulling Guard
Hip Movement 
Spinning Underneath Under Pressure
Reaching with the grip Underneath 
Taking the Back 
Taking the back with Stingray Tail 
Passing Guard with Stingray Tail
Part 2:
Straight Knee Bar from Reverse De La Riva
Ankle Lock Reverse De La Riva 
Knee Bar the Far Leg
Heel Hooking from Reverse De La Riva
Part 3:
Levels of Rear Naked Choke
“Murder-Cycle” (Motorcycle) Armbar 
Leg Triangle from the back
Leg Triangle Opposite Side 
Sweeping and Stabilizing 
Motorcycle Armbar from 50/50
Violin Armbar 
Dancing Foot Lock 
Elbow Digging Ankle Lock 
Calf Ankle Lock 
Bonus Rudeness
Part 4:
Dossie of Head Squeeze
Drilling Passing the Legs
Passing with Head Squeeze
Back-Step De La Riva Pass
Reverse Half Guard Pass
Reverse De la Riva Defense 
Stingray Tail, De la Riva Pass 
Ka-da gatame 
Knee Breaking Pass 
Twister Counter Attack Drill 
Twister Counter Attack-Counter Attack 
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