Closed Guard Arsenal: Sweeps and Back Takes by Giancarlo Bodoni


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Develop a closed guard that’s feared by all of your training partners
Learn secret pathways to the back from the closed guard that you never knew existed
Discover new and innovative ways to reverse and get on top from the closed guard
Add incredibly effective and applicable sequences to sweep and take the back in to your own unique game
Dominate Your Opponents And Training Partners From Closed Guard With Giancarlo Bodoni's Closed Guard Arsenal
Learn To Master The Closed Guard Game From A Brown Belt World Champion
What Will You Learn?
The closed guard is one of the MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPTS IN ALL OF BJJ. Learn to navigate this classic position with style as Giancarlo Bodoni guides you through some of the most efficient closed guard sequences you’ve ever seen. The ability to move from the bottom to the top is paramount in any BJJ exchange. Coupled with the threat of the back take, you’ll build a closed guard that occupies the nightmares of your opponents. HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE BACK TAKE will elevate your ability to become a serious threat on the mat as this is one of the most coveted skills in the game. YOU’LL QUICKLY DEVELOP A MORE DYNAMIC AND DANGEROUS CLOSED GUARD with Bodoni’s easy to follow instructions!
This series includes Bodoni’s take on some of the most classic BJJ attacks from the guard. He adds NEW INNOVATIONS AND SOME RAZOR-SHARP DETAIL to some techniques you may already be familiar with, but takes them to another level with his exceptional understanding of the position. YOU’LL FIND HIDDEN PASSAGES TO THE BACK MOUNT as well as methods of dealing with posture and different grip sets to help you maximize your attacking platform.
So, What's On This Series?
Complied in to a 4-part series, Bodoni has assembled a fantastic set of techniques that will take you from the beginning of the closed guard exchange all the way through to the reversal or the back take. The ability to successfully reverse or take the back from closed guard is worth its weight in gold and Bodoni gets the job done in a manner that can be PERFORMED BY ANYONE!
A star student of the great Lucas Lepri, Bodoni has enjoyed much success during his competition endeavors and is described by Bernardo Faria as “heavier Lucas Lepri”. This doesn’t sound fun at all for anyone on the opposite side of the mat from this young man! Take advantage of Bodoni’s very unique skillset and approach to the closed guard and begin adding value to your closed guard toolbox!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Intro to Posture
Different types of Posture
Knee Pull
Breaking the Posting Grip
Pendulum Sweep 
Flower Sweep 
Basic Scissor Sweep Cross Collar Grip 
Scissor Sweep from Two-on-One
Hip Bump Sweep
Balloon Sweep on Kneeling Opponent 
Lapel Sweep
Part 2:
Arm Drag to the Back
Arm Drag to the Back 2 
Arm Drag to S Mount 
Arm Drag to Pendulum Sweep to Mount 
Arm Drag to Armbar
Arm Drag to Back-Take 3 
Part 3:
Roger Sweep 
Ghost Sweep 
Flower Sweep (One Leg Up)
Balloon Sweep Standing Opponent
Part 4:
Double Ankle Pick 
Muscle Sweep 
Muscle Sweep (Sleeveless Variation)
Muscle Sweep Counter to Armbar
Muscle Sweep to Single Leg Trip (About) 
Kiss of the Dragon From Closed Guard 
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