Playing Guard Against Big Guys by Michael Liera Jr.


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FINALLY a comprehensive strategy dedicated to defeating BIG GUYS!
Michael Liera Jr lays out his best tactics and strategies that he uses to slay giants!
Strategies like his Spider X-Guard that he uses to sweep BOTH kneeling and standing opponents.
Limit the BIG GUY’s strength by FORCING them into your web of attacks, tested and approved by Michael Liera Jr!
Keep your guard, defend passes, and ATTACK using Liera’s Top-TIer Techniques.
What Will You Learn?
Against a bigger and stronger opponent there is a very HIGH chance that you will be forced to play guard. Playing guard against someone who is not only larger, but has the inherent advantage of gravity on their side is a difficult proposition. With Playing Guard Against Big Guys you will turn the tables on your larger foe.
Michael Liera Jr. has made a career controlling, defending, and even submitting larger opponents. How does he do it? Liera Jr. employs a trap filled guard that is constantly keeping his opponent guessing. Creating tempo is one of the most important concepts when playing the guard. Michael shows you EXACTLY how to get your opponent on the defensive so you can start to slip into your best attacks.
Guard maintenance is one of the most difficult concepts to teach in ALL of Jiu-Jitsu. In Playing Guard Against Big Guys Michael Liera Jr. systematically breaks down guard retention to a digestible, easy-to- understand language that ANYONE can ‘speak’. Liera takes you through step-by-step explanations of the most common scenarios created by Big Guys when they pass the guard. You will learn how to stay safe while simultaneously controlling the position to where you eventually set your trap.
Understanding the mindset of a bigger opponent can be difficult if you are always the ‘little guy’. Michael Liera Jr. peels back the curtain on how the Big Guys tick. Knowing is half the battle and Liera Jr provides a career’s worth of knowledge on how to topple the Goliaths of the sport.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Maintaining The Closed Guard
Safely Opening The closed Guard
Safely opening the guard when opponent stands
Controlling Open Guard when opponent on knees 
Controlling open guard when opponent has pants grips
Part 2:
Effective Omoplata Set Ups
Defending against the underhook pass 
Defending against double unders
Part 3:
Forcing your opponent to stand
Spider x guard entry and sweep when opponent on knees 
Spider x guard entry to x guard when opponent stands 
Grip concept when Opponent is standing
Part 4:
Playing De La Riva and Backtake 
Half guard concepts and how to attack 
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