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Give Us 12 Weeks And We'll Give You The Strength & Endurance To Gas Out All Of Your Opponents - Even Those Younger Athletic Freaks
Ethan Benda is an older guy, 43, and he trains BJJ after work just like you probably do.
There is just one difference: HE NEVER GETS TIRED.  He sweats, but he keeps coming - every minute, every round. Then he stays after to do a few rolls, until the young beasts all go home.  The old guys just aren't supposed to do that.
Ethan isn’t just a competitor, he’s also a trainer and the guys he works with don't get tired either.  He's trained numerous pro athletes, UFC Fighters, Bellator fighters, and countless BJJ competitors. Ethan especially LOVES MASTERS COMPETITORS - he gets incredible results out of older guys.
What's His Secret?
Ethan trains each athlete toward a specific goal.  As a decorated purple belt with a ton of no gi experience (19 years of no gi) he knows the grappling game inside and out.  He explains that BJJ guys need to build their ‘sustained’ strength so they are still going hard over a 5-7 minute round.  He wants you to be as strong in the last minute of your last roll as you are the first time you slap hands.  
A Unique Method...
He has a unique method that he's come up with for achieving this feat.  Weightlifting alone won't do it - running on a treadmill won't do it.  
Ethan's system combines resistance training (all body-weight exercises or using light weights) with cardio, in a specific set of intervals that builds over 12 weeks.  
The exercises are:
Fun... Not Going To Hurt You... Diamond shaped… Huh?
You start your diamond with 1 set of one exercise (the air squat for 20 reps), then it's on to the next set of 2 exercises, after a short rest it's 4 - all the way up to 6 exercises - then you do 5, then 4, all the way down to 1.
In the e-book and on the Diamond Protocol DVD Ethan explains all of the nuances that make the difference between success and failure.  
Nutrition...The Other Secret Weapon
Nutrition is Ethan's other secret weapon.  His simple and rather unorthodox philosophy won't leave you feeling deprived or weak.  He wants you to eat bread and carbs.
(All of the best-selling Diet Books these days tell you to eat nothing but protein and fat - Try doing that and then see how you feel halfway through your first roll - good luck!).
He wants you to cheat 2 days a week, not one and he has a root beer every day - can't you tell?
Don't get us wrong - you won't be eating cheese fries all day – most of the time you will have tasty, balanced meals that are easy to prepare or order and won't make you "the guy on a diet" when you go out with friends.  In 12 weeks, you should be at, or at least much closer, to your goal weight.
Weight Cutting...
Ethan has a lot of experience cutting guys and gals for UFC & Bellator fights, bodybuilding shows and BJJ Tournaments.  Each event is different.
When Ethan trains people for a bodybuilding show he cuts their water and sends them to a sauna to dry out.  He gives them a pack of Skittles 5 minutes before they go onstage because he knows within 5 minutes the sugar goes right to the bloodstream thus enhancing a person’s vascularity - showing their veins and making them look more ripped: tricks of the trade!
When he cuts people for an MMA fight he uses a very specific manner (utilizing a 35 page PowerPoint document that you will get with this product) showing expected % of performance per % of water weight lost.  When he is taking an athlete’s weight down right before an MMA fight he can be pretty aggressive.  But not overly so - because they will have over 24 hours to rehydrate.  Too many fighters do unnecessary damage to their organs,.
When you fight in a BJJ tournament, you weigh in 5 minutes before you fight - Ethan has a system for that too.  It involves cutting most of the weight before the tournament but if you are 5 lbs or less over the weight on tournament day he can help there too.  Having fought many times he knows just how IBJJF’s (and other smaller organizations) weigh ins work and how to best hack them.
You HAVE to see this, it's awesome.  
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