Ultimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing by Matt Thornton and Stephen Whittier


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How to Double - Even Triple - Your Guard Passing Learning Curve and Skills... Practically Overnight!
If you love BJJ but feel like passing skilled opponents' guards is an unsolvable riddle… or you want to pull your hair out after being told time and time again that the answer is to "Just keep training"...
Then what I have to share with you will be nothing short of a breakthrough (as it has been for so many other grapplers)!
What You Can Expect From Ultimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Guard Passing
Discover the proven, easy-to-learn "5 Point" passing system that has helped students of any belt level patch holes in their passing games instantly!
Master the key principles for keeping optimal posture while passing ANY type of guard. 
Ever get hung up in half guard? These simple strategies will have you smashing through "specialty" guards like the lockdown, the Z guard and the butterfly half guard in no time.
Revealed: why learning guard passing through technical sequences is the WORST way to get results fast... even many great BJJ technicians get this wrong (and often handicap their students as result!)
The cutting edge drill that has enabled white belts to pass purple belt guards and shortcut months - even years - off their learning curves!
Learn the small details that will allow you to stabilize, pin - and even submit - much larger opponents the next time you're on the mat (even the top dogs will be avoiding you during open mats!)
How to defend and shut down "nightmare" guards like spider guard, de la Riva, and inverted guards (you don't have to be super-flexible or athletic like the guys who play these guards to know how to beat them!)
We uncover the single most important posture detail for maintaining posture when inside your opponent's closed guard (this is a very little-known detail... and worth the investment all by itself).
Discover closely guarded secrets on the safest and most effective ways to stand up to open the guard (even some top-level competitors miss these and have been blown away by their effectiveness) 
Get your posture broken inside your opponent's guard? Learn how to protect yourself and regain the advantage with this little known "safety position" (a few little details can save you a hundred hours of headaches rolling!)
Dramatically speed up your passing game with the "Border Invasion" principle - it's like a cheat sheet for "where you need to be" for any pass.
Learn to stay relaxed against any type of guard game (and no, it's not "just mat time" that gives you the edge!)
How to use misdirection and feints to pass on the first try (the little tricks of the trade they usually "forget" to mention!)
Learn the never before revealed "silverback posture" for opening and passing the guard... this position has been a best kept secret of some of the top BJJ players for several years now and it can make you virtually unsweepable!
Quickly and easily learn to neutralize an opponent's hooks - instead of getting frustrated by their fancy legwork, let them sweat it out as you CRUSH their attempts to tangle you up, unbalance and sweep you!
Black Belt gripping strategies that will allow you to stay safe and get the jump on even the toughest guard players in your gym
Learn some of the ultra high-percentage control and pressure tips for tightening up fundamental passes like the knee slide, double unders, and bullfighter passes (and discover how even purple, brown and black belts have had these "basics" feel like a whole new arsenal during the course of just one seminar!)
Trying to pass your opponent's sitting ("butterfly") guard giving you fits? Not anymore... we'll show you to lock down your their movement and slice through 'em in no time!
How to make your opponents FEAR the very thought of using the lockdown on you (we call these the "lockdown killers" for good reason - they'll be practically begging you to pass just to make the pressure stop.)
Learn the ninja-tricky "staple grip" pass that will take even the guys with the crazy legs and hips by surprise (your instructor will be giving a high five for this one!)
Ambush your training partners with Irish Takeaway entry - just when they think they're about to snag one of your legs... it's gone and you're passing!
We expose the ten passing pressures, and show you exactly how to combine them - this one will LAUNCH your passing skills ahead faster than you ever dreamed possible (even if you're already an experienced higher belt!)
Passing to mount extravaganza! We reveal often-overlooked keys to passing the guard directly into mount 
How to turn your opponents' hip escapes into an open invitation for you to pass n' smash them!
Kickback, Slide and Rudder - learn how to combine these three options into a super effective combination (HINT: this is like Cliff's Notes for how some of the top world champions pass!)
Uncover the keys to defending every primary submission and setup when in someone's guard... triangles, kimuras, platas, arm bars, even arm drags! 
Find out how to defend against (and methodically shut down) the upside down guard - and never get baited into another tricky sweep or submission from here again!
The "secret" is that we offer a true roadmap for "sling-shotting" your game, regardless of..
Your age 
How long you've been training
Your belt rank (white all the way to black belt)
Your physical attributes (build, athleticism, level of flexibility, etc.)
The type of guard style you encounter 
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