Ultimate Guide To The Single Leg X Guard by John Gutta


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Learn the secrets of the most off-balancing guard game in BJJ
The Single Leg X Guard is often referred to as the gateway to the lower body submission game. Discover why you need to be proficient from this dynamic position
Learn amazing transitions to even more threatening and dangerous leg entanglements
Travel from the bottom position to the top with ease using detailed blueprints from the single Leg X Guard
In the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE SINGLE LEG X GUARD John Gutta reveals the secrets of one of the most dynamic positions in all of BJJ. The single leg x guard is revered by practitioners all over the world for its incredible ability to off balance even the best guard passers. Not only is the Single Leg X Guard a fantastic tool for REVERSING YOUR OPPONENTS, it also happens to be a great staging area for passing, as well as a phenomenal hub for delving in to the realm of the LOWER BODY SUBMISSION GAME!
ADD ANOTHER DEVASTATING LAYER TO YOUR GUARD with enhanced knowledge of how to enter, control, and dominate with the Single Leg X Guard position. John Gutta will guide you through everything from simple entries, sweeps, passes, and a myriad of lower body submissions that absolutely ANYONE can do!
What's On This Series?
With four volumes of awe-inspiring content, Gutta has compiled only the most necessary and INCREDIBLY ACCESSIBLE Single Leg X material. From entry to finish, you’ll learn the complete ins and outs of the Single Leg X position and add instant value to your guard. NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM. Gutta starts at the beginning and guides you through the set-up process with simple concise instruction that will GET YOU FAMILIAR WITH THE SINGLE LEG X IN A HURRY!
With a wealth of knowledge and plenty of GOLD MEDAL EXPERIENCE, Gutta is more than qualified to take you on this exciting journey and help your recruit the UNDERSTATED POWERS of the Single Leg X guard in to your own unique game.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
How to Enter the SLX 
Shin to shin 
Half butterfly 
K Guard
Part 2:
Attacking Standing Opponent 
Primary Sweep 
Secondary sweep 
Far sleeve transition to x 
Knock back sweep 
Near side sleeve to back 
Near side sleeve sweep to leg drag 
Near side sleeve to body lock
Part 3:
Reverse X to Honey Hole Sweep
Reverse X plan B to calf slicer
Reverse X plan B to leg drag 
Collar Pant Sweep
Part 4:
Attacking opponent on one knee
Far sleeve attack 
Pant grip into torreando 
Technical standup sweep 
Near side sleeve back take 
Collar-sleeve sweep forward 
Connor sweep backward 
Straight ankle lock 
Transition to 50/50 
Countering the forward roll back take
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