Bulletproof Butterfly Guard by John Gutta


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LAUNCH the HEAVIEST opponents into the air with ease using the BULLETPROOF BUTTERFLY GUARD!
Spread your wings and TRANSFORM your BUTTERFLY GUARD game with John Gutta—no matter if they’re trying to SMASH or RUN AWAY.
The PERFECT mix of CLASSIC and NEW SCHOOL Butterfly Guard SET UPS and TRANSITIONS to keep your opponents guessing.
Become more DANGEROUS from BUTTERFLY GUARD with all of these SUBMISSION SET UPS!
Everybody THINKS they know the basic BUTTERFLY GUARD sweep. In BULLETPROOF BUTTERFLY GUARD, John Gutta spreads your wings and delivers a master class on this OFTEN OVERLOOKED but EFFECTIVE position. From CLASSIC setups to NEW SCHOOL variations—You get them ALL. Send those HUGE training partners and opponents flying. Turn the Butterfly Guard into a license to hunt submissions.
So, What's On This Series?
This four volume BUTTERFLY GUARD master class is going to fill the cracks in your Butterfly Guard game. Starting with the CLASSIC butterfly moves, you THOUGHT you knew—to the weird NEW SCHOOL set ups that HIGH LEVEL athletes use to HUNT submissions—John Gotta is here to make you unstoppable.
Having trouble with the opponent SMASHING your BUTTERFLY GUARD? Volume Two has all of the answers. Tired of opponents running from your BUTTERFLY GUARD? Chase them down and send them FLYING with volume three.
Stay on the SUB ATTACK or SWEEP AT WILL by escaping your BUTTERFLY GUARD cocoon today!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Positioning and Drill 
Classic Sweep
Classic Sweep Kick the Knee 
Classic Sweep Telephone Armbar 
Classic Sweep to Half Guard Sweep
Part 2:
Butterfly recovery from Half guard smash
Stretch sweep 
Transition to classic sweep 
Double Overhook belt sweep
Double Overhook armpit sweep
Double Overhook to Freedom Lock 
Double Overhook to Straight Armbar 
Double Overhook to Russian Armbar
Double Overhook to Omoplata
Part 3:
Posture Overview and Grip Break 
Double Tricep Butterfly Sweep 
Short Arm Drag to Guillotine 
Short Arm Drag to Crucifix Armlock 
Arm Drag 
Arm Drag Sweep to Half Guard Smash 
Arm Drag to Back Take 1 
Arm Drag to Back Take 2 
Arm Drag Opponent Steps Leg Up 
Arm Drag Opponent Steps Leg Up 2 
Arm Drag to Tackle
Part 4:
Collar Sleeve Butterfly Sweep 
Collar Drag
Using the Technical Standup 
Guard Loop Choke
Front Head Loop Choke 
Balloon Sweep 
Positioning Against Standing Opponent 
Clown Sweep 
Short Arm Drag
Blast Double 
Shin to Shin
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